TBH...i spam more now then before!How bout u?

80 Worgen Priest
I have no clue where blizzard got the idea of people spamming one spell in Wotlk. I will admit....there was spamming but it was with all different spells all across the board..at least for me and my shammy.

It seems like now i am doing much more mindless spamming of not many spells but 1 spell.

If i use the right spells at the right time, even if my group isnt standing in crap. I still go oom.

Not fun.

How bout u?

If you like the model please post. If you dont....post too!
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85 Draenei Paladin
At 80, the mana issues aren't that bad. They don't start really hitting til about 83 when your efficient spells start costing 4 to 8k mana to cast.

And from what I understand, holy priests have always had more mana regen issues than disc priests. And if you are going oom by using the right spells at the right time, then you may not be using the 'right' spells for that encounter or that pull.

Things are completely different. Nothing about healing is at all the way it was in wrath. Experiment with specs, with different heals at different times. And remember with the new model people do NOT have to be kept over more than about 40 percent hp (except the tank). We don't have to top people off anymore. This seems to be a big thing other healers are having a hard time getting through their skulls.
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