The Problems with Disc Priests

85 Human Priest
Yes here I am going to QQ because this just pisses me off.

Thanks for breaking priests, especially disc priests!

Problem one: Heals cost too much for the output. A 6k flash heal? Are you kidding me? With a 74k mana pool and the other spells I'm casting, a flash heal takes away a good.. 8% of my mana. Heal is more efficent but it doesnt heal enough to sustain a tank or even a dps. And you all remember the staple of disc priests? Power Word: Shield? Oh yeah, guess how much mana that costs? Too much is the answer. How am I expected to keep up with even a measly 5 man if I can't do much else other then Heal?

Problem two: Nerfed Mana Regen tactics. I wouldn't mind the high mana cost if I had some regeneration spells to go along with it but NO, shadowfiend and archangel both got nerfed along with Hymn of Hope being buffed but that has too long of a cooldown to use as a effective mana regeneration technique. To make matters worse, Archangel doesnt even restore the mana you use to smite 5 times and shadowfiend isn't effective for fights at all.

I've only finished 2 heroics and btoh of them took 2 hours+ because we kept wiping to bosses. I would go OOM so quickly and I have only seen a slight improvement with gear.

How am I expected to do a 25 man raid if I cant even heal a 5 man dungeon?
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