The difference between BC and THIS...

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We didn't have chackra; we weren't boxed in waiting/forcing our skills to proc. This is all about setting up the Procs while all hell breaks loose around you. (DPS fault or not, it doesn't matter, we're there to keep them ALL alive any which way we can).

In BC, I had to be selective on which skills (and "use" trinkets/skills/procs) to use, but I wasn't trying to meet the 6-second window requirements of my proc. If I overused flash heal, i'd go OOM. I'd have to TIME my Greater Heal for when I knew the boss was going to smack my tank into the next zone. That's smart healing, not this lottery of procs you masquerade as "smart healing."

You say you want us to play "smartly"... I ask, how can you play smart when we're at the mercy of your proc? Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're not. Other times, I NEED to fall back on my greater heal, which... OH NOES! It's not giving me that KICK of hit points I need to throw at the tank so I can change focus to the DPS dying over there. Meanwhile, my diminishing mana pool is shrinking. I don't care what you say, fire or not, they're dying from something, and it's ~NOT~ ALWAYS their fault. A dead DPS is 0 DPS and I want to beat the boss. But one fatal move or one missed proc and it's suddenly, "I'm a fail healer. "

I'm a healer, I'm happy when I see full bars, not 40% (sustainable). DPS likes to see those bars go down, do they not? So why are you taking away my "full bar of happiness" away. Sometimes I like to blanket renew, sometimes I like to throw a flash heal here, sometimes, I like to bubble and do a greater heal. Can't do that anymore. Nope, to Chackra and pick a road in the fork and pray to God I'll get that instant flash heal when I need it (which most likely I won't) ...

I'm trying SO hard to like this change. I don't think the instances are hard. I think with team work they can be completed, but again, taking three steps to get my chackra to set up so I can have "a better chance to crit for 6 seconds" in the near future isn't fun. I'm spazzing out because my renew is going to drop off because the "heal" wasnt cast fast enough... it's not fun.
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