I have this Druid, an 82 Paladin healer, and a Shaman healer.

The Druid seems completely useless as a healer. To preface, I realize that heals are supposed to be more "homogonized" and I have not perfected using the new healing rotation, but Druid healing, to me, sucks.

Druid healing prior to the "homogonization" was fun, run around as a tree relying on HOT's to be proactive to damage (HOT up the tank, toss HOT's as available, use weak big heals as necessary, etc...). Now it is throw the weak/cheap HOT's on tank, stand around doing nothing, use weak big heals, use a HOT/combo as mana might allow. (yes I know I need to respec into more mana, but quit playing this guy).

My Paladin healer does fine so far, as it seems to be the model that all classes are being pushed towards (no HOT's, some weak but cheap heals) and a playstyle that has not radically changed). I have done several random's on my Paladin and had no real mana issues. The dungeons are still challenging, but healing on it is very similar to what it was before Cataclysm, so I find it much easier than my Druid or Shaman.

My question is, if all healing is bent towards being the same, why have more than one type of healer? I loved healing on my Druid because it was so different and active (on the Paladin I can at least run in and mele to gain some mana, with the Druid there is so much standing around time it is boring, and when you do act the mana hit is huge).

I assume that I could re-learn Druid heals to be more mana efficient, but when my Paladin and Shaman "big heals" hit harder at 82 than my Druid's do at 85, why bother? If I wanted one pigeonholed role, why bother with more than healer.

What I liked about healing prior to the expansion was that my Paladin, Druid, and Shaman all had roles in groups (in anything more challenging than a random 5 person dungeon), yet still had the ability to handle 5 person content well.

Give Druid's/Priest's/Shaman's a tank beacon like Pali's have and just make them all the same if the intent is to just make them all the same.

I personally liked having tank and raid healing be a bit different, made it challenging to pick a role and work at it. As healing stands, I might as well just go DPS if the wait times were not so long in randoms.

I could probably learn to Druid or Shaman healing to be more efficient with the new changes, but why choose one of those classes (and from what I hear from Priests, they are in the same boat)? Why not just create a faceless class called "Healer" with its own talent tree? If they are all supposed to be the same, why bother differentiating on how they get the job done. Make a "little heal", "big heal", and "other" talent/button, and call it good.

To summarize for the TLDR, Ritalin deprived crowd-Why are all healers the same? They were fun before because the styles were different and people could figure out how their class worked, still be viable, have fun with their particular style of healing, and fill a role in raid's.