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100 Night Elf Priest
In Vanilla, Healing was so much fun for me, This is why...

* healing aggro was huge which meant I had to use things like fade and fear to stay alive, I knew it wasn't smart to heal tanks too early in a fight (something a lot of healers failed at in Heroic HOR)
*I had to Jump in and out of the 5SR (5 second rule) to balance my mana
*I had to precast Greater Heal and learn to know when to expect a high dmg spike to let it fly.
*I had mana pots that reset in 2 min on CD so I judged when the best time it was to drink one to have another one ready.
*I had to learn not to over-heal

As a holy priest, Cataclysm Healing isn't fun at all, I get frustrated at going OOM despite the fact that when I use "Heal" it heals for trash amounts with a long cast time. But it's my most mana efficient spell so I am forced to use it. I go OOM halfway through some heroic fights despite my guild group is avoiding all possible dmg, doing great dps and I Have a pre-raid BiS tank. My over-healing is averaging between .02%-1% unless it's a heavy AE damage boss fight which sometimes forces me to use PoH because casting heal and renew on 5 targets is not viable.

I have healed every raid since WoW Launched and done many server first, so far I am not impressed with this model design. I am happy that Blizzard was trying to get away from the whack a mole healing that so many bad healers have gotten use too but I feel Blizzard missed it's mark.

I have noticed one other major thing, when I play as shadow I notice other priest healers, and shamans struggling with mana on most fights and trash pulls while a majority of the Holy pally and resto druids rarely dip below 50% mana. I also loved when I was dungeon grinding my first 3 levels I was better off healing as level 80 the exact same dungeon because every time I dinged my spell cost double while my output remained the same (or less) and my mana pool didn't scale as well. If I could have, I would have banked all my experience to 85 and just spent it to ding 5 levels at once.

Also, If Blizzard wanted to bring CC back, all they had to do was simply reduce AE tank threat.
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