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85 Human Paladin
I play a Holy Pally. I love healing and always have. I am extremely happy with the difficulty level in heroics and the new fight mechanics are beyond fun. I have been gearing up, reforging, reading, testing, doing everything I can to become the healer I used to be. My mana pool just simply won't allow that. I understand that Blizzard wanted healing to be more difficult... but geez

Currently I have to use Divine Plea everytime it's up, ask for a Hymn of hope from our Priest, an Innervate from our Druid, pop a mana pot, and make sure I'm constantly judging. Even then, I am having mana issues. If the tank takes spike damage more than twice in one pull it is nearly impossible to catch up on healing. Holy Light just doesn't cut it.

I am all for making healing require more thought, but some of these changes just seem unfair. I mean, 7K mana for a divine light...really? Yes, I know pallies probably got the good end of the healing stick with our 20K mana free heal but don't think we aren't having the same problems that the other classes are having.

Now the world knows my opinion on the first week of Cataclysm healing.

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85 Goblin Priest
lol another pally that doesnt mind the new changes pallys ans shammys for the most part is what im seeing here that dont mind the changes
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85 Human Paladin
Did I ever say I don't mind the changes? I said I love the difficulty level and the new fight mechanics. As for healing... the mana cost of spells just are not fair.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Agreed!! There are only so many cool downs we can pop before we are out of options and the fact that our SMALL heal ( holy light) takes twice as long as a Flash light which costs three times is completely backwards and unfair. At least in BC they had it right and it was still a challenge even back then.
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