EoS is a casual guild looking to fill out our guild for Dungeon running and Raids.. We have players who enjoy every aspect of the game. We have Loremasters, players who like to PvP, Achievement farmers, etc. No level requirement, as long as you come with a desire to hit lvl cap and get to endgame content! No specific class needed. All are welcome! Tanks are especially needed (especially good ones) >.>

Like most of the world, EoS is rebuilding in the face of Deathwing's ascent. We are a longstanding guild looking to rebuild after WotLK claimed a good portion of our members. We have a strong core of solid players, but we need to refill our ranks. All we ask is that you know how to have fun and how to play your class, or are at least willing to learn.

We are waiting to schedule raid nights until our groups have formed so everything is still open. At the moment our loot system is EPGP. We have a special need for players willing to take initiative to put together groups for dungeons/raids.

We are all excited about the new developments in our world and look forward to finding new players to experience them with!
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