1st, to be clear .. i'm not asking about how the skill works from an usage standpoint.

My question is: whats the criteria?

Against mobs on the world is almost guaranteed to have this results:

- The cast is not copied and you just wasted 20 RP and the cooldown.
- You copied a spell and released for 80-100 dmg.

You can test it yourself, most (tbh every single one i tried to copy in the outdoor world) skills you copy will hit for a pathetic amount of dmg.

I was just assuming DSim was horrible for pve, just like we discovered on beta servers. The initial conclusion people came up was that it somehow was trying to use our (inexistent) Spell power or intelect as a modifier for the dmg .. resulting in the 80-100 dmg cloned spells (while they originally hit for 8-10k).

Then to my surprise, yesterday i was tanking Heroic Throne of Tides and decided to copy the "wrath" spell of those nagas. And to my even bigger surprise, i casted it back on the naga for ... 21k.

Then i tested on Lava Burst from the earthshapers on Heroic Stonecore and again, 18-19k. So that kinda kills the idea that DSim was failing because it was trying to use our "caster" stats.

So the big question is. Whats the criteria? Why with every single outdoor mob i encountered and tested, spells either dont work or hit for inexistent dmg ... while on heroics it works perfectly fine on most "single target" spells i copied, hitting with appropriate dmg ?

Will we have some sort of "refund" if it does not work, since theres absolutely no way of telling when it will actually copy the spell (and no consistency either, since i've both copied spells from mobs that have no mana, and didnt copy others from mobs that DO have mana) without "trial and error". And also that we cannot guarantee that the spell will indeed be casted, since other players can simply interrupt it.

The "refund" part I can live without it. But plz, can we have a word on why is the skill working so randomly? Whe said it was working that way on beta, and "assumed" something would be done till it hit live servers, but apparently nothing changed.