I really hate to ask...

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...but could one of our CM's ask the devs what is going on with engineering?

I love the new toys and ideas that were added to the profession (the lootarang is a hilariously useful idea)...but the lack of a melee glove tinker is the one black spot on an otherwise amazing expansion for me.

It might have been better if there were no glove tinker at all, but the existance of an intelligence-boosting tinker has me frowning.

Is engineering supposed to be better for casters than others? Is that a design decision? If so, I'll have to either accept it or give up my beloved engineering, but not knowing is driving me batty. Maybe there's a melee-centric glove tinker on the way?

Please find out for us.

Thank you.

(Also, please let's not turn this thread into an attack on Blizzard or the dev team. They have every right to do what they choose with their game, including making engineering caster-focused. I am just really, really hoping that isn't the case.)
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On this page, (which admittedly is kinda old)

you see:
Gnome-Matic Phase Fingers Permanently attaches gnome-matic phase finger technology to a pair of gloves, allowing a skilled engineer to increase their haste rating by 340 for 12 sec. The gloves can only be activated every minute.

Now the amount of haste is the same as what it is now. Not a big deal since numbers were not anything to be concerned about then. However when you click the link on "Gnome-Matic Phase Fingers" it takes you here:


Engineering: Synapse Springs
5 sec cast
Volatile Water (2), Electrified Ether
Permanently attaches synapse springs to a pair of gloves, allowing a skilled engineer to increase their Intellect by 480 for 12 sec. The gloves can only be activated every minute.

So why in the world was it changed? Haste is usable by every one. Was this an accident? I find it hard to believe Blizzard would purposefully ignore melee.

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love how a CM moved your thread to the damage dealing forum to die instead of addressing it.....

edit: or this came from the DD forums... which you will soon learn the CM's dont read (some reason it was still showing there for me, shrug)
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Where is the Gnome-Matic Phase Fingers ?!!!
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