Please blizzard man up and admit ur mistake

85 Tauren Druid
I have been a healer since BC (ya ya ya but ur not vanilla so u bad) whatever I have healed on all classes and my point of choice is Druid heals but let's face it l. Healing at gear score lvl for Druids right now is next to impossible. I have been 85 and running heroics for q couple days and have seen the good the bad and the worst groups and it gets to the point that it's not the player fault anymore and the machanics simply need changing

my beggest heals takes over 2 sec to cast and only crit heals for 35k. Let's do the math a shadow stalker in heroic in HoO hits for 35k ever 1.5sec now add that to the other add that is up which in a perfect world they would all be CCd right but anyways it doesn't equate and after spam healing the tank from all the damage I am oom before the fight is up. It's not longer the players fault. And something needs to be done!

Please I'm not saying make it retard proof like WOTLK but give us some breathing room make nourish like it used to be and for god sakes why does rejuv cost 5k mana but only ticks for 3.5k (the same as in ICC)
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85 Tauren Priest
same here i have been tryn to heal heroics to no avail. in Throne i got booted and called a bad healer cause the tank went from 100% to dead in 6 secs with me spaming flash heal on him the whole time. this just doesn't work i see that blizzard is tryn to make u think while healing. BUT there is a diffrence between making us think and mechanics that take long to go off and are weak at best. when my greater heal in all gear IL 300 and higher only hits at most 18k on a non crit when that was what it was hitting in icc is wrong just wrong especially for triple the mana cost
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