Druid healing, the ups and downs and the how.

90 Tauren Druid
Well, it all cata has brought is just really a change in the way healers heal.

It's all about mana management, and changing the way you heal. For example, i was used to my LK way of healing which is just constant rolling hots. You try that in cata, and you'll OOM. So really, cata just brought a change in the way classes heal, and this has caused an uproar.

Pre-cata it was; healers could jump around spamming whatever they wanted, while not OOMing. Now its about timing and decision making. Honestly, they've given us ample tools to heal through heroic heroics.

Life-bloom, not only that it heals for 2k per tick with 3 stacks, and really you're getting mana replenishment for a very large heal "but aaww na it only heals 4 20k in da end", Cool, you're also spamming nourish which heals considerably AND crits, which is another 4k every time the tank takes damage the living seed proc. But, however, one downside of Lifebloom is that it cannot affect more than one target, so be prepared to change that habit

These two spells alone can keep up a tank 3 stacks of Lifebloom and Nourish spam.

Regrowth is a short cast time with a medium heal, which is good for an "Oh !#!#", use it as an "Oh !#!#" because it costs close to 6.5k mana, and if you spam it, well you'll OOm yourself very quickly. Regrowth CAN be used if you're feeling confident about the mana situation, or there is atmost need to use it.

Omen of Clarity is very, very useful. It now doesnt remove on instant casts, so therefore it can be used on demand, pretty much. If someone is dropping low and is in need of a large heal try to proc OOC, which should proc of LIFEBLOOM, which then lets you're Regrowth cost nothing, coupled with a swiftmend, it's more than enough to keep them from dying or popping defensive CD's

Rejuvenation is very useful, however not spammable, it's usually for someone who is going to take large damage, in the process of, or is another buffer for tanks and Nourish. Use it wisely, as it does cost considerable amounts of mana, but really it is helpful when used with swiftmend, or just as another top off after the OOC>regrowth>swiftmend>rejuv.

Tranquility is a very, very useful spell. IT AoE heals and provides a stacking HoT, use it in times of great AoE damage (obviously) such as, the first boss of HoO, the stacking debuff's are too high and the group is taking great amounts of damage, USE TRANQUILITY, previously Pre-Cata, i didnt even have Tranquility keybound, i found it to be almost useless as spamming hots we're better, nowadays...I have it bound to an easier spell to reach

Treeform is now a CD. Which is useful in some aspects, use it when a pull is going horribly wrong (2 packs, no CC). Or its against a boss who outputs large mount of damage in bursts: use it. Keybind it, it's yet another "Oh !#!#" button which costs no mana and if used correctly can heal up a whole group without too much mana usage. The main "buff" of tree from is the fact that regrowth is spammable, refrain from spamming it, it will heal well, but you'll be oom before ToL is over. Omen of Clarity still seems to work with regrowth even though it's instant, which still means the ability to combo it effectively.

Be vocal, usually im on vent with one or two guildies. Talk to them, if the tank is under too much pressure and you're not sure youll be able to keep him up, tell him, or a pally is in trouble and you'd be better off with the mana, tell him to bubble. Tell you're DPS to use defensive CD's such as a tank would, Mage Block, DK Anti Magic Shield.

Also yell at people who screw up mechanics of the fight, or don't seem to understand that the "s" key is not useful in anyway when trying to move out of an area. it's not you fault they took upwards 70k damage because they stood in the big scary void zone for too long.


My version of the Druid "How"
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Healing Touch only cost 5k mana and heals for 20k non crit BTW.

I wish HT healed 20k non crit. Its more like 14k

If your HT only heals for 14k, you aren't using resto mastery properly.
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90 Tauren Druid
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