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85 Goblin Priest
Hey there guys and gals, I am just making this post to point out some of the issues with this current xpac. First I want to start with the fact that healing is absolutely terrible, Paladins definitely got the better end of the healing scale on this one. I am extremely disappointed that they nerfed Disc Priest healing. Evanglism is completely useless, as is Archangel, I say this because it now costs more mana to smite 5 times than the return sum from Archangel, It is very disappointing to see that Shadow Priests benefit from this a lot more, considering they have so many more skills they can utilize to gain mana. It seems many healing classes are running OOM in heroics because of the extremely high mana costs of healing spells. I really think that we need to gain a slight buff with Archangel at least back up to 3% per stack from the now 1%, or swap the 1% with the 5% Shadow Priests receive.

I apologize if this sounds like a rant but we need to make blizzard aware that there is a PROBLEM with the way things are going with healers right now, this xpac is so amazing so far!

-Klyps - GZ to 85! GL on loot!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Uhh I dont think Holy Pallies Did. Our efficient heals take to long to cast, our FOL takes to much mana. We have no effective way to build Holy Power (other than shocking) but our main "source" for holy power should be from healing the tank. But thats diffcult to do when your dps is getting hit as much as a tank is.

Holy Radiance? Joke... almost ~10k mana to cost it which is just to much considering all the other healing you are doing.

LOD? Another Joke. You need holy power to cast this one and the problem is that your group is all over the place. Blizz is making a holy pally choose LOD or WOG which is the more effective heal here? WOG.

Our Healing isnt that great the Beacon nerf really hurt us in terms of being able to heal the grp and the tank.

This is just my opinion of course.
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