Ok, So I Was Wrong

85 Night Elf Priest
Yesterday I posted a couple of minor QQ responses in various threads complaining about how hard Cataclysm dungeons are. Well, I'm here to admit that, thus far, I was wrong.

For the record, I'm only level 82 now and I have only run BRC, and I intend to stay this way for a little bit longer. I have found that leveling in Cataclysm is WAY too quick for my tastes, and, since I am prone to burning out on this game I am purposely taking it slowly and only putting in a bit of time each day, switching to leveling a couple of new toons along the way.

Last night I reevaluated my approach to healing, which I (unfortunately) learned in WotLK. I decided that I wasn't going to spaz out when a dps took some damage and that I would let people sit at 60%-70% health until I could toss them a quick heal. I also decided that I wasn't going to beat myself up if a dps died, or even if we wiped, so long as I was trying my best.

And we did wipe. I had a couple of successful runs with no major problems, and a couple with some wipes that we eventually got through. But I discovered that so long as people did what they were supposed to do, I could keep the group alive. The first wipe was because someone wasn't paying attention to their Evolve stacks on Corla. The second was when the bear tank ran up to and then feral charged to Steelbender while he was on the far side of the flame pillar, zooming right out of my healing range. It's a bit disconcerting when you bubble and PoM the tank and immediately hear that "ping!" of a PoM jump as soon as the tank engages in combat. Now that's some damage! He dropped in an instant. We all had a laugh about it, regrouped, and got it on the second try.

So I'm hear to say that I was wrong about my complaints, at least thus far in my progression into the new content. In fact, in some ways I found healing a bit easier on my nerves last night because I knew that there was no way I could outheal people's mistakes unless they were very minor. Now, all players have to own their errors, and not blame me.

I will say this though: trash now packs a helluva wallop! In fact, I find the trash pull healing a lot more spastic than the actual boss fights, which are relatively straightforward once you know the mechanics.
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