Priests are now the weakest healers

85 Human Priest
(main spec; Disc) Now that i'm running cata dungeons(stonecore especially), i'm finding that after every mob, i'm under 50% mana, and i have to constantly stop to get mana back. I understand that they want to make healing a little more challenging but this is a big change

compared to shaman healers, who apparently have no mana issues

perhaps if i had 20% more mana(or mana regen) that would allow simple mobs to not be a wipe risk

But as a healer i feel seriously underpowered compared to the other healer classes(i am unsure about holy)

also whats up with the smite healing thing, i didnt bother spec'ing into it because i dont have time to smite heal, dosent do anything, takes too long to cast and i would rater cast mindspike in pvp than smite
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100 Undead Warlock
This might be better suited for the Priest or Healing forums.
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100 Worgen Warrior
This probably belongs in the Priest forums and not Customer Support -- but each healer has its niche and sadly I don't recall Disc priests being more than a support healer in a very long time. You'll want to adapt to the new rotations and spell priorities and spamming flash heal and Power Word: Shield over and over again will not give you near the mana efficiency it used to. As your gear changes so does itemization and as such you'll find until you sit comfortable in your T12 raid set things will constantly change. Good luck!
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84 Tauren Druid
this is everyone. i run out of mana after every pull.. my heals dont heal for anything...
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100 Worgen Warrior
12/10/2010 12:36 PMPosted by Sausagefan
This isn't specific to Disc. Every healer feels weak right now.

Tanks are taking more damage, healers have to heal more. Groups are not used to CC and taking plenty of avoidable damage, healers have to heal more. Have you pulled the 3 packs of mobs at the end of Stonecore (all at once) recently? I did and I had a lot of pity for my healer.

Fast forward to my priest -- Holy seems to do okay so long as I use the right heals. Took a bit to not rely on Flash and CoH/PoH so much and I think I'm getting the hang of it.

This is the time where ya have to sit down and really look at all of the changes, but also understand at 82 you are not where the tuning of your class was focused on yet. That begins at 85.

When in doubt, take things slow :)
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100 Night Elf Druid
The healing model underwent significant changes.

Your gear went from being raid-capable to a hodgepodge of quest rewards.

You're effectively relearning how to play your class.

We're all in the same boat right now. A lot of it has to do with the fact that there's a lot more pressure on the DPS to avoid incoming damage and take care of themselves, but they haven't figured that out yet. They're expected to use those self-heals they've been given, they're expected to use bandages, and they're expected to eat between pulls. Blizzard balanced around these assumptions, but players are holding dearly to the "Healer carries the group" mentality fostered by the ease of healing in Wrath dungeons.

In a few weeks, we'll have better gear, we'll be more familiar with our new priorities under the new model, and most importantly, DPS will have figured it out.

Right now, however, things are exceptionally bumpy.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Amen Thequay. I finally ran my first dungeon as healer last night. I'd been in BRC on my mage, warlock and Bria all as dps. And finally felt comfortable enough with the fights to give it a go. I was surprised how well it went. After a rocky start ( No one dps'd the chains!) I very calmly explained that everyone needed to ask for help and not be afraid to speak up if they didn't know what was going on! After that it was smooth sailing, mostly.

I got lucky and had two great groups with an awesome tank. The dps was more than willing to ask for and listen to polite direction and we all got great gear. I'm still not sure I didn't dream the whole thing.

The only issue I seemed to have was what has been said before. Mana got a bit tricky if I panicked and started overhealing. As long as I stayed on top of things and dps behaved we were okay. Had a scary moment when the tank dragged What's his face through the lava a little too long but between Tree of Life saved the day. Even if I did look like purple broccoli.

The only thing that made me a little sad was how surprised the hunter seemed at my attitude! He seemed shock someone would be so nice and helpful. I told him that it was a brand new game for everyone and anyone that said otherwise was kidding themselves. Mistakes are going to be made. Tanks and healers are going to die. We all might as well show some patience and support!
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100 Gnome Warlock
12/10/2010 1:07 PMPosted by Sausagefan
Why did you direct this at me?

He was quoting you?
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