Healers, Where Are You Having Problems?

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Browsing over the forums, there's obviously a lot of complaining going on about how 'hard' healing is right now.

What encounters specifically are tripping you up? I'm not talking about wiping once or twice to learn it, I'm talking about even after a few attempts, when you DO manage to down the boss, it's only barely.

Complaining that you can't save stupid players from being stupid is pointless, that's not going to change (and it's wonderful that stupid players are dying now).

The third boss in Shadowfang Keep is where I've had trouble so far. Not a whole lot else after figuring out the mechanics. I've heard Throne of the Tides can be bad but I've not done it yet.
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As a priest there are a lot of bosses i'm having trouble with. Im not gonna list them all im just going to say what the problem is for me at this point. a priests main heal now is supposed to be just plain "heal" the problem is it heals for about 3 times less than flash heal and greater heal, it has roughly the same cast time a greater heal and a 1 second cast time larger than flash heal. now when it comes to tank healing i find myself being able to use heal at the beginning and end of a pull or boss fight, but during the middle of a fight i struggle to keep the tank up with my heal spell and have to resort to flash heals. and yes im also using renew, PoM and my shield.

I think healing spells need to be fixed in the sense that their cast time, mana cost and healing output are more balanced. an example of this would be that heal has an output of about 8k non crit, costs 1.8k mana and has a 2.3 second cast. flash heal has an output of about 14-15k non crit, costs 5.7k mana and has a 1.3 second cast time. it would make more sense to me to have those two spell cast times switched so the smaller heal takes less time to cast and the larger heal takes longer.
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The third boss in SFK is a "hard" dps check. If your group's dps are geared or haven't figured out how to interrupt it's an impossible fight. It's one of those where if you can't kill the adds fast enough you can't dps the boss situations, where you're stuck endlessly killing adds until you oom.
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Heres an encounter I'm having issues with:
Heroic SFK:
First boss. He does his drain everyone to 1hp thing and then follows it up with a AoE that will do damage even if interuppted. So im left with a choice. heal the tank but then I die and so does the dps, or heal the whole raid with spam and be oom, AND risk the tank not dodge/block/parry the first attack after that life drain and killing the tank.

What the *!@* am I suppose to do against that horrible mechanic?
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Well he's kinda right. I'm having no troubles. I'm not saying it isn't challenging but I have yet to see a boss we haven't been able to get past. Normal or heroic.
I can understand him wondering what the hell is tripping people up so much.
You also have to understand that healers used to compensate for anything and everything stupid dps would do in wotlk. And aoe pulls were the norm. We're going back to vanilla days now where dps had to actually use their brains once in a while and understand that healers won't be able to save them if they mess up.
If your dps isn't cc-ing and letting tank tank, and if your tank has less hp than you, I don't care what kind of virtuoso you are, your run is going to fail and it isn't your fault.
Also...it's the 4th day in. Everyone's in greens. This will all get considerably easier for those who just don't want a challenge. But just cause you gotta wait a week or two, don't spoil it for the rest who do like to extend themselves.

For heroic SFK:
You do not heal the raid up completely. That's a complete waste of mana. Just heal them to about 20% so one hit doesn't kill them. He'll drain them right down to 1% again, no point in big heals. Just throw one or two of your aoe heals to keep them from dying and keep your mana conserving heals on the tank. Keep it up until next drain.
Gotta throw out that habit of always going for full hp bars:)
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