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As many know healing has become no joke in cata, I welcome the change personally. In order to not wipe and have more successful groups please see below.

Credit for this post goes to Yaddadamean who posted this in the healer forums:

Disclaimer: To all the healers QQing, I'm NOT blaming YOU in particular. I just feel many of the QQers are not seeing the real root of the problem.

The game has become much harder now. You as a healer can no longer carry bad play by the rest of the group which is a good thing.

Tanks need to:

-Market targets

-Keep good aggro for good dps


-Use cooldowns

-Use good positioning

DPS need to:

-CC (This includes tossing a interrupt whenever possible, even if it means sacrificing your rotation)

-Pop cooldownss to mitigate their own incoming damage

-Don't stand in fire

-Not focus on the meters

Healers need to:

-Know the right spells to use

-Manage your mana


Common Arguments:

"But pugs don't do all the above!"

Then tell them to, or run with guildies. Educate them. Face it, you can't carry bad play anymore at current gear levels. If you don't like it then run with people you know or guildies.

"But I don't want to have to rely on other people to do my job"

*Newsflash* This is a mostly a multiplayer game and EVERY role whether it be tank or dps has to rely on each other to do their job. Tanks rely on healers/DPS. DPS rely on good tanks to do good damage and good heals in case they mess up occasionally. Healers rely on good tanks/dps to mitigate damage.

Blizz keep the game the way it is. Many of us like the challenge and like EARNING our gear/kills.
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