Healing needs a revamp, A.S.A.P

87 Human Priest
12/10/2010 3:46 PMPosted by Snowfoxen
Sorry if this is an inappropriate question... but am I correct in seeing that you have no enchantments whatsoever?

If you need to be enchanted...to do a normal dungeon, then your making his point for him that this crap needs a rework
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85 Tauren Druid
well all i can say is at 85 i have heaps of spirit ive played since game began and yes cc is a must but 61927 mana pool divided by 5k mana heals = 12 heals so u just let pplz die and scream to there mums kick u from instances and it becomes a none fun game . i agree there are pplz out there that have no idea of how to cc . i like the new expantion but after the last 2 days of 85 healing well theres no fun in it as a healer eg. rouge today 2 hits 43k 37k dead in 1 sec well if blizz could show me how to heal him threw that and look after the tank at the same time plus the party then i could see the point in continuing to play . in lk i could heal for an hour now in tree for 1-2 min then oom but until then the tank dies the kiddies on wow start screaming cause the bad druid let them die and i say suffer i make it an art now of spotting the 1 not to heal and that provide some fun in the game they get cranky i say become a better bandage maker lol
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85 Tauren Druid
no need for mele dps anymore ranged dose more damage and you dont have to heal them as much
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90 Night Elf Druid
12/10/2010 3:59 PMPosted by Stellan
The current situation is absurd for healers. I have to mana up after every single pull. The rest of the group has to wait around for me constantly. I'm dragging down their "fun" and god knows I'm not enjoying myself. All I can hope for is that the dps kills the mobs before I run out of mana which is rapidly. The only thing I can do is try to heal as little as possible. That's my role: minimal healing. Some fun.

This. I ran a little experiment with my druid (mana pool 58k) versus a druid still at 80 (41k).

  • Rejuve is 6% of my mana pool (costs 3467), and does 12k (roughly, no crits) healing. This is a HP to mana ratio of roughly 3:1.
  • Rejuve is 2% of his mana pool (costs 908), and does 9k (roughly, no crits) healing. This is a HP to mana ratio of roughly 10:1.
  • Regrowth is 8% of my mana pool (costs 4667), and even with every tick a crit does roughly 10k healing. This is a ratio of roughly 2:1.
  • Regrowth is 3% of his mana pool (costs 1223), and even with every tick a crit does roughly 8k healing. This is a ratio of roughly 7:1.
  • Nourish, with both of these spells going, costs about 2% of my mana pool (1333) and does 7k health, a 5:1 ratio.
  • Nourish, with both of these spells going, costs less than 1% of his mana pool (349) and does 5k health, a 14:1 ratio.
  • HT is about 7% of my mana (4000 on the dot), and does around 15k healing (with no hots on), a little under 4:1 ratio.
  • HT is about 2.5% of his mana (1048 on the dot), and does around 13k healing (with no hots on), a little over 12:1 ratio.

  • I know what you're thinking... Resto, you're not 85, you have crummy gear, etc. The fact is, every piece of my gear has superior stats to his, and even when you consider that he's in T9, which is pretty high for his level, and I'm in a clown suit of leveling gear, the difference shouldn't be that huge. I mean, my H:M ratio is 1/3rd less than his, and that should be completely independent of gear.

    TL;DR, I think a multiplier is broken somewhere.
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    12/10/2010 6:09 PMPosted by Avianae
    Well, you're applying higher end of a pretty much different game at this point.

    You just hit 85, you're not gonna be great at much, me thinks. Gear will hopefully fix or at least cushion the problem, and when you're in T13-14 You'll probably be able to outheal a druid in T9.

    So yes, you knew what I was thinking. >_>

    Did healers go OOM every other pull in LK before Naxxramas?
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    6 Goblin Warrior
    12/10/2010 4:50 PMPosted by Marozi
    Healing is fine L2P.

    Healing is fine, L2P...Even though I've only completed one heroic. I must be good!
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    85 Draenei Shaman
    PVP healing is going to suck. This I know for sure.
    Slow heals healing for @!%! all with people beating on you..stunning...ect...oh joy
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    12/10/2010 6:29 PMPosted by Avianae
    Nope, hence "Well, you're applying higher end of a pretty much different game at this point."

    It changed a lot, a lot a lot. I'm not saying it's the BEST way for it to be, but.. it's the way it is at this point and what was planned and tested in the beta(apparently).

    You're missing the point. It's not a matter of "higher end of a different game," it's the fact that people are going oom at a ridiculous pace, which has never been the case. There's a lot of people complaining right now, and I think the sheer number of people that find something is wrong warrants some sort of investigation.
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    90 Night Elf Priest
    I concure with both sides of this argument.... As a long time healer i realize that this is a problem that will ultimately never be fixed. I feel that with WoTLK, Blizzard did not put enough emphasis on CC as they did with Classic and BC. Most classes with CC capabilities forget that those abilties are even an option and the whole party/raid focus on trying to burn through fights as fast as possible at the cost of strategy and preparation; which ultimatley leads to more successful encounters. But at the same time since CC wasn't heavily implemented into WoTLK instances; All classes got lazy.. I cant remember the last time I saw a mage sheep outside of PVP and even the last time I shackled an undead. But at the same time I believe that blizzard had good intentions by trying to bring back these elements of gameplay we have all forgotten, but i do beleive that it is affecting Healers more than any other Role. As a member of the Armed Forces stationed in Europe, I find myself not being able to run with guildies and having to pug more than half the time do to time differences. But with said "spoiled" players they fail to reason with a strategical approach. A great deal of the priest population never used Lightwell with its release in BC because it wasnt that much of a game changer and worth specing into. But now Blizzard Beefed it up and made it a great tool for holy priests to use in groups/raids, but players still fail to use it. They fail to see its potential and feel burdened by breaking their rotation to move 4 feet to click on it and expect healers to keep them topped off. Healers also became more focused on faster cast heals and never used there big heals, and i understand blizzard wanting to change that but they did completely wrong and I hope it will be changed.. Since the mana cost increase I am using bigger healing spells but at the same time its still burning though my mana pool. most casual player healers all find themselves going OOM within one trash pull. And with blizzard trying to take emphasis off of quicker heals, they still have mobs that do MASSIVE damage (single target and AOE) that doesnt fit with healers ability to sacrifice quick life saving heals for bigger ones. Mobs are still hitting hard enough on tanks that they can go from 65% to dead before your big heals gets off. And the amount healed with the spells hasnt properly leveled with the enormous amount of Health tanks now have.. Blizzard needs to shift the majority of the pressure off of the healers and implement it evenly between all classes. We are medics.. Not motivational speakers trying to convince the CC classes in our groups to make it easier on the group by doing the extra jobs their class was meant to do but fail to because they are more worried about their "recount" statistics.
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    100 Dwarf Paladin
    No, that's what normal modes are for.
    Heroics are actually not a breeze anymore, as they should be.

    Heroics are designed to be puggable. If Blizzard designed them to completable only by hardcore raiding guilds, then it stands to reason they would drop raid points (whatever they're called, I can't remember). Normal modes don't drop any kind of points whatsover other than the paltry 70 JPs you get for the first one each day.

    Normals are not meant to be farmed like heroics, they are mostly meant to be done only while levelling. When you're at level cap then everyone is supposed to move onto heroics. But its still early days yet. Everyone needs to learn how to do the heroics, and they maybe need to be nerfed a little (they could still be a bit overtuned).

    To the guy posting above me, please use your Enter key! Just like many players have been spoiled by easy Wrath heroics, so many readers have been spoiled by having their text broken into paragraphs. We see a wall of text and our brain shuts off.
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    85 Blood Elf Priest
    I just don't understand why people fail to see that it's boring and mindless. Difficulty be damned it's just not fun. The heal spell and it's equivalents are among the worst spells ever designed and pug healing is worse than a trip a to the dentist.
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    90 Orc Shaman
    12/10/2010 3:46 PMPosted by Snowfoxen
    Sorry if this is an inappropriate question... but am I correct in seeing that you have no enchantments whatsoever?

    Considering the thousands of extra spellpower I now have when I finally log back on and get my enchants taken care of, I doubt it'll matter for me or for him that much. The scaling is horrible.

    PuG's are a joke, I wont even start there. It's not even fun to heal from a guild run point of view at the moment, and for those of us who have been longtime healers - that's a very big issue.

    Look, I'll explain something not every healer may agree with, but the reason I do healing has to do with minor OCD. I need to see those bars full whenever possible. I need to know I can get them green again. We just can't do that with the current scaling.

    I've seen your posts here a few times already coming back to the heal role forums snowfox, but I've yet to see you directly address whether you agree or disagree with the current healing system. Will you honestly say you don't expect Blizzard to make changes in the upcoming weeks as more people ding 85 and more people see how broken and un-fun it is?

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    100 Pandaren Shaman
    Yes Snowfox, I would say that IS an inappropriate question, and for these reasons;

    You are 82, you have not seen more than two cata dungeons. The two dungeons that you can queue for are reasonably easy to heal at level and with the greens/ ICC gear that a majority of leveling healer have equipped.

    When you get to the later instances, and heal them, feel free to make snarky comments.
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    87 Blood Elf Paladin
    12/10/2010 3:58 PMPosted by Eloderung
    Healing is great now.

    The thing is....they are only heroics. Not that it shouldn't be challenging. It should be. But it should be balanced for random pugs not for guild groups.

    No, that's what normal modes are for.

    Heroics are actually not a breeze anymore, as they should be.
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