Okay here korigal is giving some healing tips

Tank 3x lifebloom at all time Except~come back to the exception later *AT BOTTOM*

Use Nourish, Healing touch, swift mend and natures switftness... and a rejuvination if you need a little extra is nice

Okay, now for the basics

use nourish on tank to keep him above 70%
if he drops below 30%
Pop a Rejuv, swiftmend Natures swiftness and then healing touch
~This may be a topic debated due to lifebloom tick off doing about 15k-30k

Now onto party healing
This ones tricky this requires knowing the mob and also the boss
Usually after the first boss ill see who is top dps and they get priority over the other two
So ill heal tank myself and then that dps

Now how to heal
If only one members health is droping and tank is above 50% ill go ahead and heal them and heres how Rejuvination and then Nourish or healing touch which ever is required

if multiple members health are dropping and tank is above 70%
Ill throw up Wildgrowth and give heals usually in this order

Pulled threat,Melee(since some bosses have a Physical aoe), Ranged
While wild growth is up use nourish, healing touch

~~~~Exception people claim to just let lifebloom tick of and dont use healing touch talents
I object just for the fact that while yes 15k-30k healing is nice,,, its just to random... you dont know if that heal will tick off at the right time

these are just some tips thats all
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