Does anyone else feel judged?

85 Human Priest
I am OK with the new healing setup, with less spam and more conservation/thinking. My only problem I have with the way Cata healing is, is that I feel like I'm being judged by people who aren't playing the game correctly.

I join a heroic group and people are standing in [thing you shouldn't be standing in] and I'm oom before the fight is even halfway over. When this happens, and it inevitably leads to a wipe, I feel like I'm being judged by everyone in the group because they didn't realize that 30 seconds into the fight, I used up all of my mana healing someone which lead to a wipe 2 minutes later.

The one time that I did try to defend myself (blindly of course - people haven't really been saying much in my heroic groups), it was on the machine/vehicle boss in deadmines. The add fixated on our tank and hit him 3 times for 50k each. They had never done the instance before (it was a group of 4 from the same guild) and I told them that the person in the machine has to be stunning the adds so the rest of us don't die. Like 10 seconds later I got removed from the group. I was being polite, for the record.

I realize that this is an emo qq waah healing sucks post, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has this mental mindset. I feel like it's making healing a really unpleasant experience, even though I much prefer the new healing model over the old one and I almost want to just stop queuing for heroics until people start to understand the game a bit more in a couple of weeks.

P.S. I know it's not fair to just assume that people are judging me after a wipe, but it's kind of hard not to for some reason.
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85 Human Priest
I feel the same way. It is actually the reason I JUST logged off. My guild wants to do heroics and even though I have been researching and doing the new "healing" I just frankly want to drink myself stupid and cry myself to sleep. =(

I understand Blizzard is trying to make healing more "interesting" and I am usually quick to pick it up, I just cannot keep up with the group.
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90 Night Elf Priest
I have no trouble telling dps that they're idiots and that they died because they have no situational awareness whatsoever. You gotta reeducate them for this expansion.
If the group tells me we should just aoe #*%!, I tell them cc or I'm gone. If they can't wait on me to drink, they can find another healer.
Don't take the crap from any dps (or tank for that matter). Tell them it's different and you simply have no mana to spare on them if they decide to stand in the fire, not cc or pull while you're at half mana.
First and foremost though, don't let the whining ruin your healing experience.
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85 Worgen Priest
Those people that kicked you probably won't ever get a healer with a broad enough back to carry them. So they'll learn eventually. Will you ever get an apology? Nope.
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