Hello Guise! I'm originally from Lightninghoof, Horde. Moved over to Moon Guard, still Horde.
While I am still leveling my Horde toons on Moon Guard, I have 10 slots, and have grown rather weary of the same old characters.
I recently made a Human Warlock on this server. The new content added with the fact that I've never played alliance is actually pretty fun, it makes me think that I am playing the game for the first time again, since I have no clue where anything is lol.
So, now that Cata hit, I also made a Worgen.. And I've been wanting to get in a decent leveling guild.

Btw, I do plan on getting to 85 and raiding on these characters, I've fallen in love with my warlock, and I'm currently working on getting an extra set of shoulders and an extra staff heirloom to xfer over to this server for him. (Already have the extra robe!)

So to recap, I have a now lvl 35 Demo Lock looking for a guild. Still in the leveling process, but I plan to raid once I get up to 85. :)