OOM OOM OOM OOM Impossible!!!

100 Human Paladin
12/11/2010 2:51 AMPosted by Natural
Granted if the group is smart, uses CC and actually puts themselves into a Cataclysm mind set and not a Wrath of the Lich King "AoE every single instance down and the tank automatically holds aggro" than it's pretty simple.

ding ding ding

i.e. new mentality = pretty simple

What's hard again?
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Try getting some runs with your guildmates or friends or people you've had good runs with before so you have more safe "wiggle room" for experimenting and learning efficient healing methods. Spells that might look bad on paper (and, more importantly, because they've always been cited as bad) work surprisingly well in practice. I ran Vortex Pinnacle earlier today with my guild and we had a moment during a fight when a DPS looked over at my mana bar and asked if I was actually casting spells XD.

As said, the rest of the group has to also be on board for changes - the only times we've been in trouble because all my mana AND mana regaining options have been exhausted were on our "cold" (ie, let's run it and figure it out as we go) trip to Grim Batol...and after we had a learning wipe, we sorted out who should do what and it became crystal clear what Blizzard has intended with these changes. Once mobs were properly CCd and interrupted and nuked in order and people moved to the right places, mana stayed at manageable levels.
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100 Night Elf Druid
12/11/2010 3:10 AMPosted by Amberlamps
12/11/2010 3:05 AMPosted by Bizzix
The thing I dont understand is at 80-81 I was healing dungeons fine. At 82 I noticed Id use about half my mana sometimes. At 83 it got to be a real issue. At 84, doing the SAME DUNGEONS that I did at 81, I am going oom, with better gear....WTF?

They have to basically reset you as a character in 5 levels. Does it suck? yes. Is it necessary? yes.

Once you forget everything you thought you knew about healing and really dig into how it works currently, you won't understand. Don't think of it as getting nerfed, but getting a fresh start on a new expansion.
You know what you said is BS, right? All healers, except paladins, were nerfed badly. Time to level up my paladin.
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85 Night Elf Druid
In the beginning I was going OOM too. I had to run with my roomie who had a healing off-spec to support me in dungeons. Especially Stonecore. Of course I was feeling depressed and even thinking about shelving my druid but then an amazing epiphany happened, something that freed a weight off my chest that had sat there since the start of Wrath.

It's no longer mainly my fault if the group wipes.

I can no longer heal through stupidity.

I don't have enough mana to heal through a bad pull, lack of CC, or an idiot standing in the fire. I can no longer Rejuv or Regrowth spam through massive avoidable damage. DPS has to play smart and the tank needs to actually stop and think instead of barreling in full steam ahead. I need to balance my mana and the spells I use so I can heal conservatively and not go for the spell with the biggest numbers.

Can there be some improvements? Of course! But I think nerfing dungeons and/or bringing healing back to Wrath levels will cheapen what Cataclysm was meant to do. Bring change.
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87 Blood Elf Paladin
If you are OOMing, either you or your group or both are doing things seriously incorrect and those things need to be addressed and then fixed.

Re-learn the game before you complain it's impossible. Clearly it's not impossible, for even I (a complete retard 90% of the time) got through SEVEN heroics last night with a group of guildies. And we had an absolute blast doing them. Stonecore's third boss, the rocky guy, is so god damned annoying. UGH! I hate him, but we still managed to get through it. And, shockingly, the boss wasn't hard because of healing... it was hard because of MECHANICS THAT THE OTHER PLAYERS IN MY GROUP HAD TO MASTER.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Keep it up Blizz, this game is awesome! :D
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I dont have Cat or even WotLK, just Classic and TBC with a 61 pally who is healer specced. Still gearing up but when i join a group, i tell them that Tank and Healer have first priorities on heals, everyone else gets healing when i have mana and time to spare it, so watch yourselves. I have let DPS die rather than letting the tank get too low and even then the tanks have almost died but the heal went off in time. More than once, because the DPS didnt stay with the tank (i follow the tank constantly), the tank and i ended up in a room and the doors shut leaving them outside unable to join in. The tank and i had to kill the boss ourselves and did it, just took time. I am quite sure that it will get harder in the later expansions that i dont have yet, but i will do the best i can. If i cant be a main healer, being a holy spec pally, i can be back up healer, which is fine. But the DPS have to learn to take care of themselves. As a lock, i have had more than one healer thank me for me taking care of me and healing myself with a bandage or HS or drain life (as weak as it is). DPS just need to learn the new ways of the world, or die in the process.
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85 Night Elf Priest
12/11/2010 6:05 AMPosted by Heeroy
hurp derp, pressing heal is challenging

no, herding cats is challenging

healing need buffs to make up for stupid dps, not to make up for healing being in the craphole it is now, we can deal with that

Even the most idiotic person on this planet can press 'heal'. Whether they could efficiently manage their mana whilst keeping every alive is the real factor in their ability to heal.

Also, I strongly disagree with your last point. I don't want to be healing stupid dps. Their stupidity is not my responsibility.

If you actually heal, i'd like to see you post on your healing toon. Then we'll see if your opinion is based on experience, rather than it being your QQ because healers can't keep you alive when you fail to move out of the fire.
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85 Tauren Priest
12/11/2010 2:33 AMPosted by Amberlamps
You really enjoy making doom and gloom threads don't you? All this time making threads could maybe be better spent finding how to play your class better and organizing guild runs with good groups. Healing is not broken, merely the way you are playing is.

This. I am enjoying healing. Have I gone OOM? No. Close? Yes. Am I ok with that? You bet. I actually have to use the tools in my priest "toolbox." No matter what class you are, Blizzard has given you tools to get through encounters.

Sometimes you have to power heal thru it, sometimes you need think outside the box a bit.

Experiment. See what works. This is a new game, and a new healing paradigm. I ran TotT once with Inner Fire up (group: DK tank/Me/Mage/Lock/Warrior) and once with Inner Will up. (Same DK/Me/Mage/Lock/Enh Shaman) I can see the merits to both now.

Research your spec. My spec isn't the best atm. My glyph choices aren't the best, and spending 20 minutes this morning looking through blogs I am going to change things up a bit. I also learned that I should save my PI for myself. Who knew?

It's exhilarating to save people from near death, and the triage aspect gets me excited. But have people died on my watch? Yup. It's ok, it's gonna happen. Admit when you make the mistake, but realize that chances are it's their fault. For example...TotT last night. A tank who pulled to much. You know what I did? Told the tank to mark a kill order. A mage who couldn't move out of the acid in TotT. You know what I did? I told the DPS to watch where they stood.

They listened, we got it down.

TLDR: Don't crap on healing thats five days old. Adapt. Think outside the box. Experiment. Research. Accept that dumb DPS is gonna die, grow a thicker skin, and tell them what they need to do to help you.
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26 Undead Priest
12/11/2010 6:22 AMPosted by Stellan
12/11/2010 2:39 AMPosted by Hingis
Few pulls can be healed using the slower efficient heals we're suppose to be using, so I'm OOM after pretty much every pull and chugging pots like there's no tomorrow. It's very, very stressful.

There's a difference between healing classes. Paladins are the winners so far. No surprise there. Not only don't paladins run out of mana but now they have every kind of heal. The rest of us are struggling. So pally healers come on these boards and claim that healing is ok. Well it is, for pallys.


(also people under 85 giving tips or saying its not that bad bugs me cause they havent even reached the tip of the iceberg)
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12/11/2010 3:23 AMPosted by Amberlamps
Hi. I'm a Death Knight tank.

You know, unless I'm actually DYING IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, I don't need a wall of heals designed to overheal me. Just keep me at around 60-75%, and I'll heal myself.

I told a druid on the first boss of heroic Stonecore to ONLY heal me with rejuvenation. He used swiftmend as well for the floor aura (floura, flora, get it?). I didn't go below 50%.

Seriously. Try it. Don't overheal. You probably are. DPS don't need to be OH MY GOD FULL HP AT ALL TIMES OR CRAP HEALER. Neither does the tank. They can learn to GTFO AoE.

I don't think anyone could have said it better, rofl.
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85 Draenei Shaman
12/11/2010 2:39 AMPosted by Hingis
Few pulls can be healed using the slower efficient heals we're suppose to be using, so I'm OOM after pretty much every pull and chugging pots like there's no tomorrow. It's very, very stressful.

Actually most trash pulls can

Maybe you just aren't doing it right?
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100 Troll Priest
12/11/2010 3:10 AMPosted by Amberlamps
They have to basically reset you as a character in 5 levels. Does it suck? yes. Is it necessary? yes.

I think the problem is the 5 levels. The rate of change level-to-level is just insane. Spells increase in cost by 50% every level. Crit/haste drops massively each level. Even if the numbers hadn't changed, but the number of levels had remained at 10, it would be easier to adapt because the change would've been more gradual.
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90 Draenei Paladin
12/11/2010 6:05 AMPosted by Heeroy
hurp derp, pressing heal is challenging

no, herding cats is challenging

healing need buffs to make up for stupid dps, not to make up for healing being in the craphole it is now, we can deal with that

Why do healers have to make up for stupid DPS? I'm tired of the mentality that healers are responsible for every moron who likes standing in the fire. Idiots are responsible for themselves. Healers are responsible for keeping people alive through unavoidable damage; not enabling retards to warm their feet or puddle jump in the green goopy stuff.

Now, more than ever, most every class has some form of self healing or damage reduction. They have to learn to USE those abilities in PvE now - they do not have the luxury of ignoring their health bars. In addition to class skills, players can bandage, click the light well, chug a health pot (and I don't want to hear any one whining about their expense when healers are most likely chugging mana pots regularly), eat a lock cookie - anything to take some heat off the healer when things get desperate.

After the pulls, everyone needs to sit and eat instead of waiting for the healer to top them off, only to run off while the healer is drinking AGAIN. No more locks life tapping to full after a fight and expecting the healer to heal them up - sit and drink with everyone else - it's so much faster.

Cata dungeons truly require a team effort now rather than a group of individuals focusing solely on their own little role to the exclusion of all else. Pugs are going to be messy until that realization trickles down to the masses.
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85 Orc Death Knight
One other thing I should also probably mention. From a tank's point of view, it's incredibly frustrating when you overheal us or HoT us up while we're performing a LITERAL pull. That is to say, if I'm trying to drag mobs over to me, and you get aggro from HoTs, I have to get every single one of those mobs off you.

However, if you're really, really damn good, HoT me up then run away sufficiently far so the mobs go and sit right in front of me. Trust me, I'll notice, and I will commend you for making my job easier.
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90 Tauren Druid
Healing is fine, druids just suck compared to the other healers.
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90 Tauren Druid
woot an ignorant paladin.....you guys have it alot easier for now, but i hate the "if you're going oom you need to l2heal " comments because i get the new heal system and how its "supposed" to work. Here is the thing....explain that to the dps and tanks that vote kick you just because they refuse to spend their time using cc and because you have to drink every pull. claiming they just ran with a paladin that was healing them through it "just fine". dont buff healers, if you wanna fix the issue nerf paladins just a bit so that dps/tanks can see its not a l2heal issue, its a l2play issue from their part.
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