Healers: It won't be us.

87 Draenei Mage
I have about lost my mind trying to heal some of the new dungeons. I don't know what I am doing wrong on my restoration druid, but during the one instance I am completely out of mana at the 50% mark when you're soul is sucked out of your body and the group starts to take massive AoE damage?? I pop my innervate, I have mana potions that I use and still I cannot keep my mana pool. I'm throwing in the towel because, I obviously fail hard as a healer.. if I cannot heal a simple dungeon on normal mode, how the heck am I going to do any good in raids?
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100 Draenei Priest
12/11/2010 3:04 AMPosted by Marlien
The changes will come when they enter a Battleground, only to find no one healing them.

The changes will come when Tanks and DPS demand them.

There will be paladins to heal them.
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85 Gnome Priest
I been playing the priest for close to 6 years years now. I must admit i was really looking forward to cat when i first heard Gnomes were able to be priests ( love the Gnomes ) and the changes did not seem all that bad at the time. I thought i could do without flash heal then i got to 85 and tried to do some dungons. I was shocked to find out the heal spell was healing for nothing and greater heal was not doing much better and both at the same cast time and before the first trash mob was even 1/2 dead i was out of mana going wtf. so i poped a potion send out my shaddow fiend both not offering much mana in return. so poh that will do it nope couple heals later i am out of mana yet again. All i could do was sit their and watch the party die. something needs to be done to fix this. I would say I am a better then average healer but am far from the games eilete. this new system might be good for them but most of the healers out their do not fall in the like 20 % of wow's eilete players and never will be. ( i am not trying to offend ppl by this so plz dont get your backs up ) but we need tanks who can tank and healers that can heal and both classes easy enough to be played by most of the general population or the game does not work. All the excitment I had going into cat is now gone and the one class i loved to play is no longer palyabile Plz Blizz fix this or healers will soon be harder to find then tanks
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In the few randoms I've done leveling up and at 85 (granted, most were with a guild tank, and probably half were full guild runs, but the rest had at least 1 pug, if not more), if the group doesn't use CC on the big trash pulls and I have to OOM just too survive trash, after the first time this happens I tell them via chat (or in vent if it's all guild), that if they don't CC and persist on standing in the fire, I'll OOM every single pull, as healing surge is really the only way to keep up those that love to take lots of avoidable damage.

If it persists (like they poorly use CC, or keep standing in AoE), I simply stop healing them, and explain why. Too bad healer hit is zero, because I step in to bind or to hex, but misses are frustrating (btw, do dps suffer this missing?).

I've gotten most of my guildmates in the habit of not LKing dungeons now, but PUGs are usually awful. In my 1 heroic clear (pinnacle) we wiped on the last boss once, then downed him. 1st time the pug lock and hunter failed to get into the pyramid. 2nd time the lock failed again. THAT should give a debuff to queueing, not leaving a terrible group.

But my experience has taught me to never queue solo (as heals). It's just not worth it. And I rarely queue without a guild tank, either.

The bad thing about the new healing/encounter system is that, when it's done well, it's so damn boring to heal.
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