Healing in PvP

85 Night Elf Druid
I can't come to terms with how any healer will survive, in a BG or an arena. At the moment, all classes have big problems when using their quick "big heals". These heals are the things that kept healers and their mates alive in BGs/Arena.

Now because of the fact that if you even think about spamming your quick big heal, you will oom, how will healers ever be efficient/useful in PvP. You will be able to keep the flag carrier alive for about 3 seconds, until your forced to type "/bg oom"....

I for one am interested to see how this pans out in Arena, as i certainly believe we will see teams of 2 dps succeeding over 1 healer and 1 dps.

All in all, the dps players can pump out, simply isn't healable at this point in time, thus rendering healers in PvP useless. I guess the benefit is now, that you wont win WG based purely on the fact of how many healers you have.

Thoughts on healing in PvP?
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100 Blood Elf Priest
This is what I am worried about. Healing in dungeons hasn't been the "omgragequit" worthy fest that people seem to claims, but I got involved in some world PvP today and tossing out heals in both holy and shadow spec, with a variety of gear combos (my wrathful for the resil, spirit-heavy dungeon healing stuff, int/crit shadow stuff), and I struggled mighty hard. Shadow actually was easier to heal with in some ways because of dispersion for mana regain. I'm not yet 85 and I haven't seen what PvP is like at that level, but I'm worried that the gear is going to be the hugely deciding factor in whether it's viable to heal in PvP or not. Obviously, gear should play a part, but to be able to keep groups up, especially in battlegrounds, I'm worried it will outweigh everything else in determining if a healer can be competitive.
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