85 Worgen Death Knight
I've never been on a low pop server. Illidan has been my home since BC, but I hate the 4k que times. Not to mention the horde out number Alliance 6:1.

If I can get my guild buddies to xfer over with me, I might come here. Saw the name Hakkar a couple times on the forums and was wondering if its any good?
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70 Blood Elf Warrior
Wow, this is really old but I feel like I should say something even though you've probably moved on by now...

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT come to Hakkar. Do not let your friends come to Hakkar. Don't even make alts on Hakkar. Plain and simple.

Hakkar is a low populated realm. It was when I came to it but now it's even lower. We've had other realms of higher populations get a free Xfer to here...but once they found out that the economy of the server was complete garbage and that everyone was really mean they all booked it off the server. You can NEVER find anything in the auction house, and there is maybe a total of 1 to 2 guilds on the server that actually "Hardcore raid" I'm not a raider so this part doesn't bother me. I'm a pvper through and through and this server lacks any form of good pvp...INCLUDING Bg's. We lose BG's on this server maybe 85-90% of the time.

Not that it's Hakkar's fault we lose....but yeah, I'm just giving you examples of why you shouldn't come. I've been waiting for the day that they give the server a free realm transfer to somewhere else and shut it down completely....or try to get more than just two high populated servers to come to us. That obviously didn't work out.

Also, if you have a question to ask....you're better off asking a battle.net friend...or your neighbor Sammy. Any question you ask gets followed by some trollish remark.

Personally, I think it's a cursed server. They should burn the witch at this point. That's just what I think though, hehe. :3
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85 Draenei Mage
this is why we have no one here. we scare everyone off.. just let them come make the community bigger sheesh
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85 Tauren Warrior
Can blizzard just close the server Hakkar because it was just terrible. It was VERY low populated. Eventually i couldnt take it and i made this character on a higher populated server. Thing is, I still have my old characters on Hakkar and I really want to play them but I wont because I hate hakkar so much. So for anyone who is thinking about coming to this server dont.
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