Dear DPS,

90 Draenei Shaman
See that enormous pool of fire on the ground? Do us a favor and move out of it. See that big huge lazer beam coming at your face? Run away.



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85 Night Elf Druid
Dear healers,

DPS are not a hivemind, as you seem to think. We do not think alike, we do not act alike. We would appreciate it if you avoid such sweeping generalizations in the future.



The kind of DPS you are whining about don't even read the forums. If you're trying to rage or vent, I understand, but please do it in your own forum instead of making a thinly veiled rant in ours.

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100 Undead Rogue
Since 3.3 launched and the new LFG tool was introduced, people everywhere have experienced a bad pug and taken it upon themselves to "educate" the various roles. They rush to the tanking forums, the healing forums, or the damage dealing forums and promptly start pissing in the proverbial wind.

All three role forums have been treated to such thread titles as "dear healers from your tank", "dear tanks from your healer", "dear damage dealers" and every variation in between. We get it, it's adorable that you have anointed yourself the educator of the masses but that isn't what these forums are for..... and it's getting old.
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