Holy priest mana?

So I just reached level 85. I was doing some dungeons and noticed that no matter what I do, I go OOM in under a minute. FH costs almost 6K mana, I know it isn't to be used except in desperate situation when there is ALLOT of burst going down on your tank, but over 10% of my mana to cast 1 healing spell? really? The best I can do is to Chakra -> Heal, spam Heal, and keep renew and PoM on the tank, but even if I'm able to keep that up (impossible during AOE), I STILL go OOM VERY quickly thanks to the mana cost of PoM.

I'm not trying to complain about priest healing, I like that its harder than in WOTLK where it was spam FH, POM, and renew forever and never loose any mana whatsoever. Healing did need to be nerfed and made more difficult, especially when it came to Holy Priests, however, what I am experiencing right now is making the gamplay almost impossible (no exaggeration).

does anyone have any tips on how I can keep from going OOM in half a minute? Thanks!
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85 Troll Priest
You should be able to get through most heroics without using flash much.

On average I might use flash heal about 3 times a heroic. Maybe 5.

Some random tips while I'm rambling tired. :P

Heal is your go to spell. Then when damage increases futher, serenity.
Then Gheal. Flash only if desperate at a last resort.
The cool thing too, is your next Gheal after the flash will be faster. So get into the habbit of only casting one flash, then a gheal to top em up.

When a dps takes a little damage. Just heal em. They don't have to be full health. Just so long as you're comfortable they're not going to die in one more hit. You can and will leave dps at half health in some situations. Which is fine.

Abuse the hell out of renew refreshes when another player is constantly taking damage. Perhaps from a dot or agro. Or they have taken a huge hit, but you have plenty of time to heal em up.
Throw on a renew, and then heal them whenever it's about to expire.
Minimal mana cost over time for a lot of health.

Don't throw pom out willy nilly. Throw it out when you know more than one person is going to take damage.
My own personal rule is. If it isn't going to bounce twice. Generally don't use it. It is nice to have it up 'just in case'. But sometimes it's better to just have the cooldown ready.
If you know someone is going to take damage. Through agro or they keep standing in stuff, throw it on the dps. You can pretty much gurantee it'll jump off them onto the tank, then from the tank to someone else. Thats two heals set in stone.

Also VERY often you'll have two people with a damage over time debuff. Use pom on one of them and it will bounce back and forward between them, healing for a lot!
Sometimes it's even worth refraining from dispelling a debuff, just so they take damage and bounce pom a bit more.
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90 Undead Priest
You also forgot that after you chakra-heal that the new holy word ability becomes like a flash heal with a cool down. i haven't been to a heroic yet but i think that this will help.
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85 Goblin Priest
I found that being in chakra:serenity stance is great for 5 mans. I experimented a bit and chakra:sanctuary is a mana hog for me with my gear.

I don't use PoM if the tank is the only one taking damage. I'll cast it when I know AoE damage is incoming. Renew, heal spam on tank if he's taking damage. If he dips below 50%, I'll hit him with holy word: serenity followed with a gheal or 2. I hardly ever use flash, maybe once or twice a dungeon run. Just for emergencies as you stated.

Use lightwell. Nag, bribe, whine for the whole group to use lightwell. I tell the rest of the group that I'm healing the tank and they're not getting anything except the lightwell (me included!). =P When I get a SoL proc and tank is stable I'll use it on a non tank. I'll renew them if I can spare the mana.

If there's a predictable unavoidable aoe damage incoming, I'll PoM, precast PoH, then CoH, hit renew on whoever is still below 50% if the tank health is ok.

Just fyi though, I don't use LFD. Hard enough to train my guildmates to use lightwell and be in a 30 yard radius from each other so I don't waste poh/coh casts. My vent phonetic is OMFG use the lightwell. ;)

Since I've gotten gear, it's gotten a lot easier and I'm a little bit more liberal with mana usage now.

My paladin friend relates a similar problem with Light of Dawn. He's training people to stand in an arc in front of him or they get no heals. =P Admittedly, he's having an easier time because of the potl bug.
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85 Goblin Priest
Alright, I see some of your points mentioned that resulted in a few conflicts, which resulted in your unfortunate experience.

Get more spirit, and stop using flashies.

At this very point, G-heal > Flashies. G-heal costs less, and fortunately heals more. What's unfortunate about G-heal, is that it's spell cast time still remains high for dungeoneering. If you can time G-heal just fine, then you will manage a bit far. Only use flashies as an emergency heal.

You haven't mentioned CoH at all. CoH is a spell that should be used on cd regardless, including pom. costs about 1/2 of flashies, and are smart heals. Smart heals > Your heals.

Use Renew as a mitigation spell, you want to toss out as many renews as you can for those whom are constantly taking damage. Haste is supposed to add more renew ticks; not sure how this will work or if it will be even helpful vs being full overheal. Plus, now that our haste has been wrecked, slow renew ticks = terrible. Not saying that we should rely on getting more haste for faster renews...

Cleansing people is a must. Healing through them will just burn you mana while you keep healing.

Lightwell > Renew. Here's the hard part, people tend to put their eyes on the meters or tunnel vision the boss. The key to get lightwell going is to notify. I made a macro called <CLICKERS CLICK LIGHTWELL> and just spam the hell out of it to get people's attention, or just yell my lungs off in vent. (:

Mana is what's killing us. There is a blue post mentioned somewhere about priests being in a pickle at the moment, so really, just drink per mob pull like I do.
Make sure you s'fiend during lust, and hymn of hope right after you s'fiend. HUGE amountz of your mana will return. In most cases, slothful & blockheaded people WILL BE the cause of your mana being drained. Tanks not putting cds, or dpsers not putting in their A Game will be the cause of the upper-most QQs.

Chakra Heal w/ it's chastise effect > Chakra POH w/ it's chastise effect. The healing from sanctuary (chastise effect from chakra poh) is just not worth it. Heals incredibly low, and the chastise effect from chakra heal (serenity), is awesome. 25% increased crit chance, anytime baby.

In terms of stats, crit loses a lot of value. Holy Concentration and Surge of Light (if you even spec SoL) are not going to proc off crit anymore; SoL will proc 6% off of Heal/Smite, and Holy Concentration is a passive Mp5 buff. The only thing crit will do is affect crits on direct heals (but not the HoT portion of renew) and Inspiration uptime...

I think I will be removing half the crit my gear has, and start switching it to Mastery. Mastery seems like it will be our go to stat. If they come out with mastery gems, I will probably look at regemming mastery or INT/mastery.

Plus, Cata has been out for what? Less than 2 weeks? I'd give this some more time before "hanging out my robe" In the meanwhile, the object is to gain more spirit, gain more gear.
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85 Human Priest
(if your disc and not holy my apologies but some of this info will still be relavent)
Persoanally i use flash heal a fair bit.
Every time it procs off surge of light if the tank doesnt need it i chuck it on a dps
always keep chakra up and even if the tank doesnt need it cast heal on him after the 3rd renew tic to keep it active. Heal is cheaper then renew after all.
When ever the tank is taking alot of damage use serenity for the +25% crit and a instant 10k heal for 1k manna. PoM i dnt recoment using unless theres alot of aoe damage.
if the serendipity buff is on one stack and about to run out use flash heal to get it to a secons stack if (the tank is below 80% health or the party is below 50% health) the use either gheal or PoH as nessary sometime within the next 20secs for a 20% faster 40% cheaper cast.
If manna is low but damage incomming is also low see if u can get ur tank to use sheild wall ect so you can use shadowfeind with Hymn of hope.
Its not worth using one without the other has Hymn boost manna regen of shadow feind due to the 10% increase in size to your manna pool.
Use guardian spirit if the tank is on low hp andnear death.
Costs 931 manna at 85 and heals tank for 50% hp apon reaching 0hp. The +40% healing effects increased is meaningless in most situations as the 60-70k heal is much more usefull.
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85 Goblin Priest
Forgot to mention Evan-AA.

I wonder if the 5 smites cost more than the 5% mana you get back though? 0_o
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