Shadowpriest survivability in Cata.

85 Undead Priest
mmk, it's obvious shadowpriest are a broken class, we rely on healing in pvp to survive normally we would use POM, RENEW,FLASH, and Holy nova when we were in combat while leting our dots tick and attempt to survive. when does blizzard think that letting lvl 80 healing spells = 85 and cost more mana. It ruins the shadowpriest completely and forces us to either go oom/try and survive only in shadowform without any healing whatsoever. Really blizzard? Fix shadowpriest now or at least step up to the table and tell us what's going on. you have refused to post anything about the issues of some of the classes and how your "working hard" to help the game be more fun. On another note, ive noticed shadowpriest dmg has really gone down. mindspikes nice and all but my VT is critting for 6k not bad... hmm why is my SWP and DVP hitting for 2.5k on 6k SP? how do you expect us to cope in arena? if you dont fix it your most likely going to see NO SHADOWPRIEST or PRIEST in that aspect get above 1200 rating. cmon reply to this... Thanks.
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85 Goblin Priest

Priest are broken period, ive already made a post about healing side of things to.

Blizzard is just ignoring us cause they got their money.
Now they dont give 2 .....
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90 Human Priest
You may want to post this in the Damage Dealing forums instead. Shadow lives and dies by its CC now.
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