we all need to adapt to new play styles

85 Gnome Priest
Greetings guys.

I am a level 85 gnome priest. Healing is, in my opinion, has become definately more

challenging compared to WotLK. And I like the fact that healers now have to manage mana

in an efficient way to be successful in every pull. But I see many players in random instance

queue showing up with WotLK play style. I am not saying everyone is like that but I've seen

yet too many tanks pulling the next pack of mobs while the healer is still drinking to recover

from the last fight or tanking 4-5 mobs at once with no cc even though there are classes

in the party who can crowd control. Same goes with some dps. As a priest I believe

light well could be a very efficient skill in any given boss encounter if the players utilize it

when they are in need of heals. Light well gives you an instant heal of about 5k and it ticks

2 more times giving you a heal of 5k each time. So you can benefit 15k heal from a single

click. The fact that you don't have to switch your target to utilize the light well nor you have

to be right next to the well to use it makes the skill even more lovely. With the glyph it has

up to 15 charges and a cd of 3 mins

which allows priests to cast light well twice in reasonably longer boss fights. 30 charges yay!

Unfortunately, i've seen pepole not even bothering clicking the well when it is sitting right

next to them while they are taking aoe dmg. People not even bothering drinking after the pull

because they expect their healer to drink up and top off their hps.

Heroics are quite difficult at this time and there is ever more stress on the healers

but if the members in a group all work together as a team it is definately doable i think.
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90 Night Elf Druid
what is this i dont even
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