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(The question is at the bottom of the post in bold.)

Before taking up the light and the... nature-light of the resto specs.. I beat people in the face with a light on my paladin. Tanking was and is very interesting to me.

Tanks had a problem in Wrath when one tank came ahead in a certain aspect, and that was because 90% of wrath bosses either laid it on the tank thick all the time or had tank killing mechanics that popped up. These were tuned, even in normal mode, so that a group would find it challenging. The thing is, if all tanks find it challenging and some are better at it by class talents then it is only harder on less-tuned tanks for the encounter or mechanic in question.

Enter: Homogenization.

Tanks are not quite the same class yet, but patch after patch brings them closer together. All that separates a Prot Paladin and Warrior these days is DG, WoG's self healing and a cooldown to the paladin's benefit, the warrior instead had more "fun" tools, a powerful physical mitigator in Shield Block and Intervene.

Druids have been brought into the realm of plate tank health. They still gear very differently but they're supposed to about as survivable and dk's are clinging on to being special snowflakes. When you strip away all the flavor though, most tanks have CDs on the same framework, an attack power debuff, an attack speed debuff. They're really not that different.

Now you can QQ about Homogenizing tanks but it needed to happen, blizzard wants tanks to be challenged and the only way to do that is to make sure that all tanks have the same tools.

Now in Cata, what we've seen is a homogenization of healers. We've had much of our flavor taken away.

* Yeah I can still shield as Disc, but there's little reason for me too other then knowing powerful unavoidable damage is coming, or shielding the tank. Bubble bots were OP and I have no problem that they're very likely dead. I play did because I like proactive healing.

* Resto druid was the mobile sort of whimsical fella, he never stopped moving because he didn't have to. You didn't go to a resto druid when you needed full right now, you went to a resto druid because he was quite effective at never letting you get low in the first place. I play Resto druid because I like proactive healing.

* Resto shamans pre-cata could out powerful single target healing but their strength was in an awesome aoe heal that was very spammable, and two very awesome set bonuses in t10. Shaman's spells work together in a beautiful way. Earth Shield had great uses in 5 man content or even some raids, you could use it on someone besides the tank to provide them a little safety. I just recently got my resto shaman to 80 because I planned to enjoy cata healing but as I was easily killable if I did get agro, I'd use earth shield on myself when I ran into mobs that randomly charged away from the tank. It was a nice flavorful perk. I've seen CH in all its glory but I never got to try it, shaman came post 4.0.

* Holy pally was the guy you went if there were two people in your raid you did not want to die. This was the guy who could do it. He wasn't bad at mild raid healing but his strength was to protect the two must beat on guys in the raid. He even has some tools that challenge disc for temporary mitigation (hosac, hoprot (usually with the target having a /cancelaura ready), AM, and he had access to DS/DG and DS/cancelaura/DG).

Now as we all know, we've lost a lot of that. Holy Pally is the only one retaining a fraction of it's former glory. Chain heal wants to make shamans put a totem through their heart, disc shields are about as useful as wearing a helmet of bubble wrap and resto druids may have lost their tree form but they better stand still because the mobility is certainly gone.

The question is this: Did anyone desire homogenization? Did anyone desire that we all end up in this place? I'm not happy with the current healing model but it is totally fine with me that some of you are. Blizzard appreciates your money. I just want to know, did you want to be beaconless holy pallies.

When GC used to post, he often cited "The feedback we've been getting is..." but I've never seen anyone say that. I mean Geez, if we wanted to play a way, we could and should roll that class that plays that way.

Isn't it terribly ironic? We became holy pallies, while holy pallies actually gained some raid healing potential.

I don't mind harder healing, but as so many of said, we've gone to spamming the spells we want to use to the spells we have to use.

Maybe I'm just frustrated because I'm a priest. /shrug
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/13/2010 3:08 AMPosted by Whynot
The question is this: Did anyone desire homogenization? Did anyone desire that we all end up in this place?

Ghostcrawler did. And I guess that's all that matters.
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12/13/2010 3:14 AMPosted by Vastra
[quote="14063601125"]The question is this: Did anyone desire homogenization? Did anyone desire that we all end up in this place?

Whoever was holding a gun up to the Blizzard Dev team. I can fathom no other explanation.
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So what I'm hearing is by being a Holy Priest, I'm doing it wrong? Dang it.
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