Question for non-druid healers.

90 Worgen Druid
1. How much is your flash of light, flash heal, or healing surge healing for now at 85? Because my regrowth hits for less than 7k and crits around 10k-11k. That just seems so terrible for 6500 mana even with a 70% crit chance.

2. How much is Greater heal, Greater Healing Wave, or Divine Light healing for? Healing Touch for me is only healing for around 18k and critting around 28k and that also seems rather weak. Not as weak as Regrowth, however.

These are with 9.07 mastery (11% increased healing on target with HoT) activated and I just don't know if mastery will close the gap if other healers are putting out larger heals. I haven't geared up completely since hitting 85, but it just feels like I'm putting out very low direct healing.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Regrowth is poo now. I'll agree there. It's definitely meant to be an last minute type of heal though.
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85 Troll Druid
There's only one instance regrowth is useful in all the heroics - Vortex Pinnacle, the AoE arcane barrages. Still feel dirty using it, though.

I guess the case could be made for proc'ing Nature's Grace too.
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The point of Regrowth is to be a snap heal. You're paying for the fast cast. In most cases, it isn't worth it, although a quick RG+SM can occasionally be a save.

It's also somewhat useful for topping people off with OOC procs, but HT is still preferred if it won't overheal and you can spare the time.
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