please consider removing dark intent

90 Blood Elf Warrior
And how is this bad again?
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85 Undead Warlock
All three of our new spells were great additions. Stop complaining about good things.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
12/09/2010 3:29 AMPosted by Ndamunkong
Dark Intent has no purpose except to meet the mandatory "three new abilities for every class" quota.

Dark Intent isn't alone
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85 Troll Druid
12/09/2010 8:32 PMPosted by Prinzesa
12/09/2010 3:29 AMPosted by Ndamunkong
Dark Intent has no purpose except to meet the mandatory "three new abilities for every class" quota.

Dark Intent isn't alone

I hear that Dark Intent snickers when it sees Stampeding Roar in the hallway, c/d?

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90 Human Warlock
The only real issue I can see with the spell is that because of how the stacking dot increase portion of the buff is always set at a maximum of 3 stacks, regardless of how many sources of the spell are effecting the target at any one time, a warlock will never be a viable target for another lock's Dark Intent.

While I'm pretty sure the 3% haste portion of Dark Intent does stack with other Dark Intents, a lock will still always be the worst option for another lock to cast their Dark Intent on as the group would be losing out on 6 out of 12 possible stacks of the dot damage increase buff (3 for each lock for casting the spell, and 3 for each of their targets). Now while a lock will gain 2 stacks per dot crit instead of 1 if they cast Dark Intent on another lock (one stack for each lock's dark intent) meaning they can personally gain 3 stacks faster that way, overall raid damage is still worse off by losing those extra 3 possible stacks of the buff if it were cast on a target not already effected by Dark Intent.

Now since Dark Intent is a lock spell and both caster and recipient of the spell benefit from the buff, the class has to have its maximum damage output be balanced around assuming the spell is always active on locks, because it always will be. What can't be done however, is have all other dps specs that use dots in their rotation be balanced around expecting this buff to be present on them, as this will not be the case often times.

So what this means is if we use 100% to represent the % damage output all dps are balanced at, as soon as a lock joins a group, every dps spec present that uses dots has the potential to gain 3% haste and 9% increased dot damage on top of their 100% balanced damage output, except for that lock and other locks in group, who remain at just 100%. Because of this, if comparing all dps specs to each other, its more like locks are balanced at 95% damage output (or whatever % Dark Intent's buff actually contributes to a lock's overall damage output) and everyone else is balanced at 100%.

How the spell should've worked, is not buffed the target of Dark Intent with the 9% increased dot damage as well, and just left it as a 3% haste buff to the target, since there's no way you can balance the 9% increase in dot damage to be stackable past the max 3 stacks with other Dark Intent's, having one target with the possibility of 18%, 27% or more increased dot damage would be too much.

This way, locks could be viable targets for the extra 3% haste buff equally with all other dot using specs and not be a raid dps loss as its current incarnation is if cast on another lock.
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12/09/2010 7:23 AMPosted by Thanatosia
Sigh @ people who can't see past BUT IT GIVES ME +DAMAGE SO IT MUST BE GOOD FOR ME

Dark Intent is pretty bad. Not ISF bad, but as the OP said, we already have multiple Dots + Haunt + Shadow Embrace to 'layer up' our damage, another mechanic on top of that is unneeded. If all it did was add +haste to the lock and recipient, it would probably be ok and be a minor form of Lock raid utility, but the layering mechanic is just more build up on a spec that already has far too much.

But I guess it could be worse, I'm sure if they are not already, Shadowpriests are going to be balanced around the assumption of recieving Dark Intent and just get boned if they don't have a warlock buddy to hitch up to. As bad as it is for us, it's even worse for them.

SO because its bad for affliction means it should be removed, that totally makes sense. Ill tell you as demo I love it. The only actual buffs a Warlock has ever been able to give someone was from the pet, so that meant whichever pet was best was the buff the group got(and they use to not even be as good as class buffs). Now we actually get a buff that we manually ourselfs can give to someone, and I think it should stay.

It doesnt cause any extra ramp up time, dont be stupid and wait for the stacks because you lose more dps waiting than just refreshing like a normal rotation. Youll get the damage when you get it. Just like all other trinket, enchant, weapon , and even somtimes ring procs.

Im sure we will be balanced around it somewhat, but deal with it, any spell we get we are going to get balanced around , wetehr it adds damage or is a utility spell, so crying about this one wont help if you are just gonna cray about the next one.

ALso thinking SP are going to be getting it always is STUPID. Yeah they have dots/hots and lots of them big whoop. Have you put it on a feral druid, cat or bear? it procs like crazy off of them. It isnt only spell dots, bleeds work too. Anyone can get this and thinking Blizzard will ablance one class around anothers buff is a good way to get serious players to ignore your input.

Affliction isnt far from being fine, it only needs one or 2 tweaks. For all we know Blizzard already has something planned to help when people really start doing raids. Classes/specs change every patch, just because you dont think a buff fits this patch doesnt mean you wouldnt be begging for it if the next patched fixed affliction.
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85 Orc Warlock
12/09/2010 8:34 PMPosted by Loathing
Whats good about a spell that further increases Affliction's already extremely high ramp up time for no dps benefit (because without it our dps would be balanced the same)?

I hear Affliction is the only warlock spec.
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1 Troll Warlock
12/09/2010 11:51 PMPosted by Loathing
12/09/2010 11:47 PMPosted by Maladar

I hear Affliction is the only warlock spec.

What I said applies equally to all specs, just to Affliction more. It's an increase in ramp up time to get the dps we would have had anyway if they'd never put the ability in.

this pretty much. locks already have enough group utility in pve & pvp. this was not needed.
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