Hmmm... whats this about disc priest failing?

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Haven't played Cata or even bought it for that matter. but if playing my main toon is just gonna make me mad should i get it back. what exactly is wrong with the disc priest spec or is it just the player. please post with your opinions.
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If you didnt spec 3/3 Divine Fury you are doing it wrong. Also, you did not take Inner Focus, which is another stupid mistake. Inner Focus gives you a free Greater Heal or PoH every 45 secs, less if you use Gheal within that time. Why would you NOT take it?

You fail at choosing talents.

*edit* you didnt take train of thought either.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
yeah i haven't purchased cata yet. and needed a quick talent tree to do a heroic and a bg or two the other day before release of cata. i've been studying and debating on different things before my return to wow. thanks both for input.
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The problem isn't exactly with Disc, as much as it is with healing in general. In a flawless group, with cc and interrupts and people not standing in stuff, healing is fine. But the problem is, every mistake will eventually trickle down to the healer. If the tank is taking higher damage than they should be, the healer has to work a lot harder to keep them up. If cc isn't used, the healer will be using a lot more mana than we should be using. If dps stands in fire, we're either letting them die or healing them until our mana is gone. Every mistake in the group does nothing but add more of a burden to the healer, and so it can make it look like the healer's fault. If you can get a good group for 5 mans and run with them constantly, good for you, but not everyone can do that. Some of us have dynamic schedules and so we used the LFD tool when we have some free time. And that's where we get people who play poorly and make our job so much harder.
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Flintte has it exactly right.
I've had trash pulls where interrupts went perfectly and I escape full mana. I've also had pulls where it all went to hell and ended up with no mana.

(Stonecore I'm looking at you)
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