Healing forums should be locked


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Or just rapid-fire ban people.

Either would be cool with me.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Well... it is coming from all different classes. So, it could be considered feedback.

Besides, letting people vent their frustrations is the!!@!utic...and people have been generally civil, so what's the harm?
1) Don't read the posts if you don't like them.
2) Have you stopped to wonder that maybe if a hell of a lot of people are complaining about mechanics, that something is actually wrong with said mechanics?
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12/09/2010 2:07 PMPosted by Dubalicious
I won't be reading any posts unless I can find something that looks like it's worth reading. If there is a post out there worth reading it is pretty tough to find right now.

The expansion has been out for 3 days, give it some damn time. What everyone is experiencing isn't a phenomenon, we knew it was coming. If you thought healing at level 80 (even post patch) was going to be how it was at level 85 then you were fooling yourself, Blizz wasn't trying to fool anyone about the changes.

Everyone should expect some time to adjust, but blasting these forums with thread after thread just diminishes the quality of these forums even more. These are the types of threads that the community wants to stop. Just because people like to QQ in threads posted by people QQ'ing doesn't mean that's how the entire community of healers feels about the game.

We get it. You don't like it. You have 2 choices, adjust or find a new role to fill.

I am not sure why you are representing your opinion as those of the community or who you refer to when you say "we" get it.

Everyone can post their opinions/experiences... we all have different reasons for playing and different perspectives. I am actually rather impressed by the amount of civility going on, despite frustrations.
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Well look at this gunslingin backseat moderator.

You go girlfriend. You go get them internet bad dudes.
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