58 Tauren Death Knight
Horrible ability with all but no use outside of redirected KS.

PVE Assassination:

If you need a target switch for PVE, just blind. If you couldn't blind them, you probably can't KS them either. You can't envenom if the target is coming out of an immunity phase or is a fresh add. You don't need the CPs on that target to use SnD and Recup. Rupture's not worth it without having had time to put DP stacks on. Expose armor is pointless as no raid spec will be sporting it improved.

PVE Combat:

The only spec that can make some use of the ability, but if RNG and lining up of the stars doesn't occur to put the transfer and the right time, the difference could very well be unnoticable.

PVE Sub:

Unless they fixed it, HAT will still conflict with this. Sub PVE needs to get hemo running first before anything else on the target so thats one waster GCD before the benefit of redirect is used. Recup and SnD as stated before don't need to be on the switch target. And like assassination for all 3 specs, if you can't blind it, you probably couldn't KS the target.

PVP Assassination:

Besides KS (the only real use IMO), expose armor is the only other use for an assassination rogue in PVP, you can't envenom without DP stacks, evis shouldn't even be on your bar, and you can pop SnD and Recup without transfering CP's.

PVP Combat:

I don't imagine anyone will be PVPing as combat, but if they chose to, rupture (no burst pressure and worst damage for PVP), expose armor (lol), evis (which will need a good stack of BG and a crit for someone to feel it), or the only reason for complaints KS.

PVP Sub:

With the fact that Recup will be as much as possible, if HAT proc can still remove CPs from the old target before the swap, the CD of ShD and that you need hemo up before you rupture, KS is about the ony use I would use it for.

I will never find justification for this being one of our new abilities. Not worth keybinding and GCD wasted to use it.
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78 Goblin Rogue
I'd have preferred they just made Insight a self buff and put CP on the rogue, but that woulda' been more work.
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