Is it just me, or is Shaman healing worse?

Granted, before people fire up their flamethrowers and throw up "QQMOAR" signs, lvl 80 Shaman healing in WotLK was pretty easy. I was a mana battery and rarely had to sit and drink ever through most instances and the like.

Since Cataclysm has come out, I've done maybe 9 or 10 dungeons (Throne, Stonecore, Vortex, Lost City, and the other one like lost city [can't think of the name atm]) at various levels. I'm now 85 and I can safely say that healing these got harder as I grew in level.
Now, I'm not giving up on healing or whining about how difficult it's become. I kind of enjoy not being bored healing dungeons, mindlessly clicking every now and then. HOWEVER, there is a certain level of (hesitant to say) ridiculousness to healing dungeons now.

Besides the fact that tanks and DPS still act like this is WotLK and they can chain pull/ pull without waiting for my mana/ DPS not watching threat/ standing in the stupid/not CCing... that just doesn't work now. If they don't get their stuff together, dungeon runs WON'T SUCCEED. I can only do so much as a healer keeping everyone alive. But when everyone in the party is standing in aoe/not silencing or CCing the aoe-dmg mob and therefore taking 15-30k ticks, my heals aren't fast enough and my mana pool isn't large enough for that. Still, despite my best efforts and wipes/deaths 80-90% of the time not being my fault, I still get told I'm a terrible healer - which I know not to be the case, especially from the compliments I got back in Wrath.
/rant about DPS & Tanks.

Back to Shaman Healing. Like I said, I'm lvl 85 now, and I dunno if it's just my gear or what (maybe just the tanks and DPS needing so many heals), but I run out of mana INSANELY quickly. I have an almost 70k mana pool, and have used all the gear I've found (questing and dungeons) that has Spirit on it for combat regen, but run out of mana EVERY trash pull of greater than two. Don't even get me started on Boss fights. I'm blowing everything I have at my disposal to be able to continue healing maybe halfway through the fight.
Anyways, I've noticed that Healing Surge and Greater Healing Wave (used mostly when I need fast, big heals on the tank or a stupid DPS) cost about 6k a shot - for me at least - which means I can do about 10, maybe 11 or so, if I don't use a ton of mana on other, smaller moves (Riptide, etc.). Even Healing Rain costs 10k mana for me.
And yes, I have all three points in Tidal Focus.

So, basically, am I doing something wrong to have these huge mana costs and frequent OOM "Oh crap..." moments, despite my best efforts to the contrary, or is it the groups that are sucking and draining all my mana, or is it Shamans just have a larger burden as healers now?

*Again, not QQing, griping about undue healing hardships or how Blizz is being "stupid and unfair", I'm just asking an honest and legitimate question so I can better myself as a healer by knowing what to look for and what I'm up against now in Cataclysm.*
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No advice or thoughts? :(
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Yeah, I guess people will have to start realizing this isn't Wrath anymore, and I can't hold their hand and heal them though everything and a total lack of doing what they're supposed to, including all the mistakes - most of them stupid and totally avoidable.

Hopefully that'll happen soon. But I'm not getting my hopes up.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I've throughly enjoyed healing so far in heroics. Is it challenging? Unbelievably. But it's fun, it's exciting. I'm not just spamming one button. I've literally used every heal in my book in almost every instance. I even use GotN now, whereas before it wasn't even on my bar.
One thing that makes a world of difference is a good group. I will literally tell a group, if you don't CC, you'll lose the healer. Then you may or may not get stuck with someone who doesn't know the instance and whose gear is worse than mine.
Be upfront at the beginning of the run that mana is and will be an issue and that they need to adjust to whatever happens.
Use any other class abilities that will help you.
I will call out for innervates
I'll tell shadowpriests and boomkins to pop out and heal (during hard phases).
Bring mana pots, by the truckton
Telling rogues to recuperate if they get low.
Dps is my last option to heal in the grand scheme of things and they should know that. If any dps that has an ability to mitigate damage (anti-magic shell) or heal them (glyphed evocate, recuperate), they should use it if they get sub 20% without hesitation.
People really need to get out of the Wrath mindset for heroics and step it up.
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12/10/2010 1:39 AMPosted by Preva

People really need to get out of the Wrath mindset for heroics and step it up.

I agree completely. I can't carry people through instances anymore, whether they do everything they're supposed to or not.
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85 Draenei Shaman
You're in basicaly full greens, it's going to be hard for you until you gear up some more. I've got almost 3000 more spellpower than you, plus 1000 more combat regen and the issues that I was having as a fresh 85 are basicaly gone.

One tip, even if you feel like you're having mana issues use healing stream totem. Mine heals for almost 1100 every 2 seconds, per person taking damage. That's 3300hps on the vast majority of fights for a 500 mana casting cost.
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12/10/2010 1:53 AMPosted by Astaa
You're in basicaly full greens, it's going to be hard for you until you gear up some more. I've got almost 3000 more spellpower than you, plus 1000 more combat regen and the issues that I was having as a fresh 85 are basicaly gone.

I totally agree, the problem is I'm just having a hard time getting through reg dungeons to get better gear so I won't have these problems lol.
Should I just stick to the initial lower-level dungeons for a while? I noticed I had somewhat of a rough time in Lost City and the like, but the tank/DPS were also undergeared.
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85 Draenei Shaman
wow look likee i got a really difficult path of a healer infront of me.
u guys r all expert and u guy already find it difficult, lol i dont think i can keep the group survive in heroic dungeon

ohh nooooooooo help
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