Fighting for my Spirit Items....Why exactly?

85 Night Elf Druid

Not trying to QQ guys.....well actually yes, I am. I'm complaining because I just found out some unsettling information that I'm hoping either the blizzard community or the WoW base community can shed some light on, or perhaps even QQ themselves. :)

Short Version:

I'm healing a dungeon...ring drops with spirit on it....ele shaman rolls need...ele shaman gets it.
We have a friendly discussion as to why I should have that ring, when he so kindly informs me that spirit equals hit for Ele shamans and certain other classes/specs.

I am in disbelief until he posts his Tier 11 set which contains spirit on it...Ele set mind you.

Now here is here I QQ blizzard. Why...did you feel it necessary to make us healers have to fight over gear with DPS when we already have other healers to worry about?

Long Version

Ele shamans...dps in general can and will use Hit...unfortunately for healers we dont need it, we ONLY need spirit (Intel, haste...etc) and instead of rolling against 2 other healers, I find myself rolling against maybe 5 or more depending on the raid & caster dps...etc. Why?

I dont mind the more challenging healing requirements, I actually find it quite nice and not such a bore anymore...but I have to say, that THAT irks me quite a bit. I shouldn't have to argue with a caster why Spirit is more important to me...because guess what...If I go die.

I'm done. :)
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85 Troll Druid
To me the gear battle looks like this (for the most part)

Caster gear (w/ spirit)
Caster gear (w/out spirit)
Meelee gear (w/ strength)
Meelee gear (w/agility)
Tank gear.

Blizzard wants us to stick to our own armor class, hence the specialization, so clothies will have the hardest time-- although I have yet to see leather caster gear drop.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Unfortunately there is more than just armor class gear. There are rings, trinkets, neck pieces...etc that will be fought over.

Add to the list mentioned above:

Healer gear (w/ spirit)....period. lol You get the issue at hand? Because you're right, there are Caster Dps that use spirit, and caster dps that don't. unfortunately for healers, we can onyl use spirit as to where those caster dps can use hit instead of said spirit.
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85 Draenei Priest
I don't care if shadowpriests, boomkins, or ele shamans roll on spirit, cause it's just as good if not better than hit for them. It's mages/warlocks that infuriate me cause they get no benefit at all from it and are just rolling on it cause OMG THERE IS INT!!!!
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85 Draenei Shaman
It was to make the disparity of caster DPS gear and healing gear lesser in the three classes that can heal and spell DPS: Priest, Shaman, and Druid. I can't agree or disagree- my offspec was elemental for a long time and being able to use my healing gear for ele without having to regem and re-trinket for hit was great, but now that every upgrade counts for my heals, having to share spirit with a shadow priest is a little frustrating. But hey, if he can use it, let him roll on it. I won't get my totems in a tizzy over it, it'll just take me a little longer to get all my spirit stuff.
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