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85 Gnome Priest
I know I'm not 85, so let’s get that out of the way. So, please, do not reply and say "not 85, not reading". This isn’t about my experiences with healing or how we are fine. Please continue to read. There isn’t a TLDR section, because I do feel this is important.

My desire to be 85 and heal is due to all of the complaints I see. Healing at 85 really separates the good from the bad it seems. There was a time when healers were hard to come by (in all games) because healing is supposed to be hard. We have to make the tough decisions--let someone die to keep the rest alive. Not many people liked that idea, so there weren't many healers around. True, healing in Cata is totally different than in Wrath, but we should not expect (nor be expected) to do it all.

It’s time we put some of the responsibility of the group’s success to the rest of the group! Why do DPS classes have abilities that remove debuffs? Why have first aid as a profession? Why have CC abilities and CDs that reduce damage? Healers are no longer responsible for healing all damage and removing all debuffs. It’s unacceptable to expect this to be done. Perhaps it’s not healers that need to learn to play their classes. Perhaps it’s the DPS and tanks that need to learn to play theirs.

In the few instances I've run on this guy and the multiple I've down on my paladin, I am still amazed to see DBM say "INTERRUPT" only to see the ability to go through. This game is no longer about DPS/Tank/Heal rotation and macros. Everyone needs to have has situational awareness. Standing in fire or lava is supposed to hurt like hell--so why do people stand in it? There is a lot of avoidable damage out there, but when people are not aware of what’s going on the group runs into trouble.

Are DPS/tanks totally to blame? No. True, they need to use all the abilities given to them and know how to use them, but so do we. We have multiple heals and abilities for reasons. And if they don’t work out--maybe we are using them incorrectly? Are we trying to make our class work the way it was designed for the expansion or are we still using the old content methods?

We need to know what our gear is and what stats are the most important. Are we taking the correct talents and using them in the right way? If not, are we working on getting the right chemistry between talents, spells, procs, and everything else that comes with it? Again, are we trying to use our class as designed?

Do we really want to play a game where we can breeze through content? Where's the challenge? Do we want to make everything too easy again? Don’t we want to be able to finally make it through an instance after many hardships and be able to say "We did it!" and then go back there later in time (and better geared) and look back on the difficulties. It’s not the destination--it’s the journey. It’s the ability to say that we worked hard to get the gear/achievements we have.It’s all about becoming a better player. We can still save the day, but everyone doesn’t have to be 100%. It’s okay to have someone die in the battle. Should we really expect that a group of 5 people can defeat some of the most powerful beings without having some damage be dealt to them? Why even have storylines and epic build ups of quests if the players just go in and easily destroy the enemy--makes the entire story pretty pointless.

Maybe only a few of us are really looking for some challenge and adventure. I used to play Everquest as a Cleric and maybe, perhaps, that’s from where my thinking comes. That game, at least when I was playing, had no easy road. If you wanted gear, you had to earn it. You had to work for it—really work for it. Everquest, to me, was as hardcore as it comes.

Perhaps Blizzard will change the way healing works or maybe they won’t. Would we really want them to make it so easy that anyone could do it or would we like them to allow us to separate the good from the bad healers? Allow gear and achievements to actually be something on which to base skill?

Just my 2 dollars worth. Keep on healin’ everyone!
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85 Gnome Priest
One bump and I'm done. I know its a long post, but want to make sure its a little bit more visible.
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