Just a little veteran healer advice.

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Yeah this is all new information here.
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12/10/2010 4:35 PMPosted by Rauri
12/10/2010 3:28 PMPosted by Snowfoxen
* The tank is your friend - Healers are mom. Tanks are dad. DPS is the kids. If mom & dad are on the same page, the kids will follow.

Point, yea. But blizz really should make an effort not to force healers into the position of explaining themselves CONSTANTLY. If I am in a pug and just want to sit back in heal, I should be able to, not have to explain myself every other second.

I'm with this one as well. From a healing standpoint it's pretty easy to see where a tank's broken a CC or a DPS is standing where they shouldn't - but of course GCD doesn't allow quite enough time to type out a message to someone in a pug to tell them to move.

Granted, the challenge is nice, but once more I agree that heals still should at least be scaling better with spellpower. I'm still seeing virtually no change to the overall ability of my heals, despite the fact that I'm managing mana much better and my spellpower is thousands higher than it was previously.
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I started in TBC. My priest was my first character. I leveled her Holy despite how hard it was. I love the times when I can pull bacon out of the fire and the rush can be exciting. I agree with your points, and I wish others would see them as well. Some do, most don't. Sadly.

* One of the first things I was taught by the Guild I was in then, "Even if it wasn't your fault, prepare to be blamed for the Wipe." For a while, it was a joke, but it really did make you take your role a little more seriously... or at least make you pay extra attention to what you were doing. However, when it clearly is the DPS or Tank's fault they died, watching them tell the Healer they should have been able to heal a One-Shot is just ridiculous. :P

* I set the Tank as my /focus . It lets me see what they're doing/targeting and makes it easier to... well. Focus. Try it as a DPS. Might help that problem of "not hitting what the Tank is hitting". AoE is not as effective anymore. Also, Tanks can set the Healer as their Focus. Easier to see the missing blue bars that might tell you "Hey, I shouldn't pull the next group yet". If you do these things already, I applaud you. If you don't, you should probably try it. Despite all that, even "great tanks" can forget sometimes. I can deal with that. It's those Tanks who apparently have a fire in their room they have to put out in a minute so they pull the whole hallway and then yell at you when they wipe us all; consistently; that I hate healing.

"The tank is your friend - Healers are mom. Tanks are dad. DPS is the kids. If mom & dad are on the same page, the kids will follow."
I too lol'd... sadly, kids are stupid even when mom and dad are cooperating. I've had one of the kids rush forward while mom and dad were having a talk. Then call mom a @#*# because they got squished after he went ahead and pulled the boss... Oddly, mom, dad, and the other two kids seemed fine and the boss died... Hm. I wonder how that happened? :D

* I have yet to find a new situation that surprises me anymore. But I have decided I should probably make a macro to spam "Stop standing in the bad stuff!" if things continue the way they have. You also have people who go "I love people who tell others how to play" when they aren't acting like they have any idea what the boss/mobs do in the first place. It's part of why no one talks in PuGs anymore, I believe. Maybe a macro that goes "If there's something on the ground beneath your feet and you don't recognize it... you should probably move." lol

* My experience is that Rogues are just very squishy. lol Their health bars just drop and it kicks my panic button until I realize it's a Rogue. ;3

* It truly is a Love-Hate relationship. You do your best and hope the others will do their best. In the end, it boils down to: you can either deal with it or quit. Respect your Healer, though, kids. They really do hold your life in their hands. :P

* It's fun to take one person and blame them for things. My Guildies and I like to blame "Bob" for hitting the wrong buttons when things break. We joke that he gets distracted by a box of donuts and hits the wrong buttons that Blizz has to go fix later. ;) It's fun and it's a distraction.

If something's really broken, it'll be fixed. If it's "working as intended", we'll have to adjust. Otherwise, just blame Bob and his donut addiction. :D

* I freely admit when I'm having issues. I've learned that I have to look and see if something isn't gemmed right, I forgot an enchant on my new piece, or if I should think about reforging something before trying again. If I just can't do it because of the computer acting up or my capabilities, then I resolve to try it again later.

...I can be stubborn. :)

12/10/2010 4:43 PMPosted by Inushi
[kid-voice] But Moooommm, if I move out of the fire I do less DPS! Why should I be the one who always has to move? It's not fair! [/kid-voice]

rofl. XD Sadly, I'm pretty sure that's actually what most people/DPS believe. That by saving their own bacon, they'll Gimp their DPS! Oh noes. :o Should start asking those kids "Well, sweetie, how will you DPS at all if you're dead?" :D
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