My heals still hit for all intent and purpose the same as they did with wrath health pools, although now I spend 50% of my mana to top off the dungeon group AFTER a pull. Uh, I am no rocket scientist, but the scaling of heals needs some serious attention.

Even with Corrupted Egg Shell, Shadowfiend, Hymn of Hope, Arcane Torrent, Potion of Concentration and an avg ilvl of 335 (with ALL available reforges to Spirit) I am unable to regen enough mana in a heroic dungeon to allow for progression. This is the case even with a competent dungeon composition that is not taking excess damage from bosses (i.e. standing in fire). I am hearing from multiple sources on my server and via the dungeon finder system that priests are useless in heroic progression at the moment and I am seeing people pass me over for invites to heroic dungeons due to the fact becoming more and more common knowledge.

This wouldn't bother me so much except for that last mention. I do not want to become the last resort choice at 4am server time when you can't find a druid or shamman to heal for you.

My combat regen is barely cresting 1800. I feel as though I should at a minimum be able to run oom with all my cd's used toward the END of a fight not at 50% boss hp.

I have already done things such as limit my raid healing and flash heal usage (seeing as it costs me 6k mana to use at 85....another bummer for another post), but am running into a regen wall on nearly every heroic boss fight. I am fully willing to commit to relearning our horrible ICC healing patterns of spam spam spam, but this regen is not enough when faced with a solo healing stance such as a dungeon group/5 man.
"I go oom killing one mob in Tol Barad for dailies." random trade chat priest, Magtheridon.