I'm going to attempt to not completely whine/QQ about Wild Mushroom, but I must say, it was truly one of the most poorly designed spells I have seen from Blizzard.

I primarily play balance/resto and I have never been in a situation where the spell has either been useful or that I have even been able to damage a mob with it. The cast, damage and the area in which it hits mobs all make it extremely taxing to use. On top of that, feral druids are taken out of form when they detonate and obviously cannot cast while in shapeshifted.

So it begs the question, just exactly what is the designed purpose of this spell? The only time I have found to use it is to drop shrooms before the pull and then set them off as soon as tank pulls, but the range is so small that if the tank pulls him at all in any direction they will miss.

Its pretty disappointing for the majority of balance/resto druids that they really received no spell worth using at level 85, the gameplay has changed very little from 85, with the exception of casting stampede to run ever so slightly faster for a few seconds, yay...