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100 Blood Elf Priest
So here is it. Basically the strategy is to use "Heal" and the "Greater Heal" only when necessary, right?

In order for a priest to get good HPS from this rotation as being Holy? Explain to me please (not being sarcastic, serious question here) how as a Discipline priest, this rotation can be up to par with the new dungeons.

And if someone says to go Holy, then what the point of having a Discipline tree in the game anymore?
100 Blood Elf Priest
I'm really not trying to be a smart ass. This is a genuine question.
85 Undead Priest
Yea im having some trouble with my priest too. Not to QQ about the whole model but I think that Disc Priests (not sure about holy) are just a bit behind the power curve. Just one example, we were doing HBRC and there was no way I could keep up the group for the Big dog with the 3 little puppies fight. OOM each attempt. Also Im having a very good margin on effective heals and a very low amount of overhealing. (Im not just mouthbreathing, spamming flash heal, and QQing). Anyways we couldnt get it done. I then went shadow, and we had a druid heal the fight and he got thru with ease. And I had more healing gear then him.

There are times when im having fun, but I think Cata is going to stress me to the point i go bald.
100 Blood Elf Priest
Yeah, and this is just a video game. It should be enjoyed, not stressed over. Not to QQ, but that's why I play it.
85 Draenei Priest
Obviously I haven't healed it yet, but I had some thoughts.

Are you using Inner Focus?
Are you using Power Infusion on yourself?
Are you effectively using PW:B?
Are you able to activate archangel?

I feel like disc has a lot of cd's to balance now, certainly compared to in WOTLK. Yeah we had most of those before, but we didn't need to use them as critically as we do now. I'm personally finding it challenging to incorporate everything into my healing regimen, so that's the thought I had that might help you up your game.

Good luck!
85 Human Priest
does it bother anyone els how all they did is buff the mana cost of all our heals yet they all heal the exact same... tbh if i could go back the 5 lvls and keep all my stuff and still get in heroics and what not ill be doing a LOT better then now... right now I think priest are just plain broken sure I maybe "QQ"ing but its the truth everything costs to much mana and "heal" is a horrible move it is to slow and doesn't heal enough tanks take about 10k damage a second and heal well isnt even half of that... the only think i can barley work with is smite spam for heals and penance when tanks starts falling in health well you get to go oom flashes and greaters are needed no I do not keep the tanks at about 100% i ruffly struggle on 30% for tank and 20% for dps I loved priest a week ago but now I hate them im literally forcing myself to play in hopes they will fix us soon at least before arenas and rated BGs
85 Human Priest
also I hate having to drink for mana after EVERY pull!
100 Blood Elf Priest
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