The New Dispel Mechanic

90 Pandaren Shaman
So we I did Pit Lord Argaloth in the new VoA style Raid in Baradin Hold in Tol Barad.
It took 4 tries because we are on the hairy edge of the minimum gear needed to beat the enrage timer but on our last try we did it just as he enraged with 3 of us left standing in the end.

My issue with this is Consuming Darkness. It's a DoT he places on three random memebers of the Raid (this is 10 man) that deals 2,925 to 3,075 Shadow damage and additional Shadow damage every 0.5 sec for 15 sec. Pretty scary even with the new inflated health pools.

It's not the Debuff itself which irks me (it's a fun and dangerous thing to watch for) it's the fact that we (myself and our other healer..Pally) have to clear it as fast as possible. This means you spam a bit on whatever your Cleanse button is to avoid misclicks. You really can't let that thing tick for too long. Especially with everyone sitting at half health for most of the fight. Spamming was fine prior to the change to dispels where now the spell will cast (and cost mana) with every cast. Now it's a good way to go OOM.

Mana is already a huge issue. I was actually afraid to cast anything but Riptide, Unleash Elements and Healing Wave since I was always hovering around 30% mana it seemed. At least my Cleanse Spirit also heals and is fairly cheap (specced) Pally partner's Cleanse costs double mine.

The combination of possible misclicks, the delay in the UI showing the Debuff as cleared, the possibility of two players Cleansing the same target (group assignments would have helped but our RL wanted us both to watch for everyone for this first run)...all these things coupled with how precious mana is really make the new Dispel mechanic incredibly annoying.

I know most of the issue was being undergeared and having the bare minimum of DPS to beat the timer. We also had no Replenishment for this run (it was made up of the best geared 85's we could muster). It was incredibly fun to beat this Boss after a year of face roll and I get the idea behind the new Dispel mechanics...I just wish we could have some kind of middle ground (like half the mana for casting then another half if you actually dispel something)
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Yeah, this bugs me too. What was the thought begin changing it? I bet it was pvp... wanted healers to go oom faster. But it has no place in PvE.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I think it actually WAS PVP related but it's a big headache right now IMO.
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