Paladin, Only Viable Healer

90 Draenei Paladin
12/11/2010 4:57 PMPosted by Darlah
I healed as every class in beta and managed to do all the 5 mans just fine. If you're running oom every pull your group is probably taking a lot of avoidable damage. That would run any class OOM. Including paladins.

it does and you're right. Even I have had to sit back and think about how that last pull just went down and why I am sitting here drinking and not just using divine plea and moving along to the next pull.

even in boss fights, if I am at 50% mana before the boss is even at 50% health I know something is wrong. Either is busted out heals too early or people need to control how much they are stepping into those hot flames. When people do it right from the begining I have noticed that on some boss fights I dont even need to use a CD.

Heroics now take raid-quality players now, its just that simple. Some boss fights I am moving and hitting Cds and I feel like I am doing heroic LK (without the endless mana pool). Feels great, keeps me on my toes but I feel for the other healers. I saw a druid heal once and ugh... I think their lvl 80 4.0.1 OPness nerf got the best of them.
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85 Human Paladin
Automatically dismissing what people say based upon their class or level makes you ignorant, because you're less aware of potentially viable and valid arguments that they're making which can help you. Has it occurred to you that perhaps many of the Paladins your guild mates have been running with are simply adjusting to the new healing style better? Some say that this Triage style best suits a Paladin's style of heals and I'm inclined to agree that it suits us very well, but this doesn't mean it isn't possible for other healers, only that they might have to think a bit more about how their healing can change to work with it.

Still, I will say that I too think that Blizzard needs to give the other classes similar options to Paladins in order to use their "healing downtime" to get back a little of their mana, just as a Paladin can do with meleeing. But trust me, it's not fun to have to run into melee all the time to get mana back, especially when it's a new pull and I suddenly find myself stunned, silenced, interrupted, knock-backed or taking tons of damage by going into melee range. Judging alone is not enough in most circumstances of extreme mana usage.
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100 Draenei Priest
12/11/2010 7:12 PMPosted by Believe
12/11/2010 7:07 PMPosted by Enragedclown
Get better gear.

First day of heroics indeed sucks, even in guild runs. I literally RARELY need to have my group CC mobs. I just tear through heroics now, they feel to easy and i am bored already.

100k mana pool helps with that.

If I may ask, how did you get +100 Intellect on your off-hand?

It's an enchant.

Not just for shields anymore. =)
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