...from queuing for another Heroic. Today was the first time I queued for a heroic. I felt normals were pretty easy now. I hardly ran OOM in a normal unless I got one of the "I'm-stuck-in-WotLK-Heroic-mentality" Tanks and most of the time I'd still finish the fight with 50-100% mana left except on certain pulls. I get into a SFK in progress. I'm fairly excited, couldn't wait to see how a Heroic is and haven't run the new SFK at all. I pop in, along with two other DPS, and I see Commander Springvale in front of me.

"What happened to the last healer," I asked. The last healer left, along with two other DPS, after saying how he was the hardest fight in a heroic, I was told by the Worgen tank. Well, I thought it was an exaggeration. Maybe the healer wasn't geared or enchanted properly or gemmed. So the tank explains the fight and I'm ready to go. We had 4 melee, me being the only caster. I tried everything I could to keep the group alive, using all 1 of my mana regenerating abilities and I couldn't do it. We wiped over and over again. Eventually, the tank left followed by a DPS.

We get a new tank, a DK and a boomkin. Surely, this will go better. Less damage to the group since now we're not completely stacked with melee. But then we wiped over... and over... and over... and over... and over... The best we've been able to get is 25%. Some fights I just couldn't keep up with the damage flying around, even if I had plenty of mana. Other fights, I'd go OOM completely. I don't understand.

Once I saw a piece of my equipment was red, I gave up and left, wishing them luck that they'd get a Priest or Pally healer.

I use Healing Wave as my default heal all the time. When the tank drops to about 50%, I'd cast two Surges to get him healthy again and continue with HW. I'd Riptide a DPS who took damage and he'd be okay for a while, especially if he was lucky enough to get an Earthliving proc. But sometimes the fight got so chaotic, I was forced to Surge spam the tank, then Surge spam the DPS who was at 10-20%, and before I knew it, I'd find myself OOM and with Mana Tide on cooldown, everyone at below 30% and it was a guaranteed wipe.

I don't know where I'm going with this honestly. I guess I just wanted to share my experience. Anyone else want to share their experiences in heroics?

Off-topic: Why doesn't my character page show my Ulduar HM achievements in the progress bars?
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