Why would ANY Disc want to use "heal"?

90 Night Elf Priest
The main problem I have with heal is that you need to cast it 3 times to get the same amount of healing done as Gheal for the same mana.

You are sitting there, casting for 9 seconds when you can cast for 2.3. This gives you a much longer time to move around and cast other spells as needed.

As long as you can time it right Gheal is far more effective than heal can ever be simply because hit can crit far higher and it can be used in conjunction with IF much better.

Heal feels so awfully boring. Yes I know I should wait until 85 to make my claim on this, but I can see that even now mana is an issue. My gheal still costs me 2100 mana with a 47k mana pool. At 85 I will have 60k mana and gheal will cost 4500 mana. The increase in mana used to mana pool is not that drastic.

Ahhh if only the 5 second rule still existed we would be out of this mess already.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I don't understand people basically making the argument,
that you should be using either Heal or Greater Heal.
You use both, frequently, depending on the situation.
The WotLK model of "spam your specs best heal" is gone,
and good riddance.
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55 Gnome Death Knight
I've been playing around with a spec that has Surge of Light. It's a pretty low proc rate, but if it even procs twice during a heroic boss fight, it can be a life and mana saver. Two procs and you're looking at saving 11K mana, not to mention the heals are instant. So that's +1 for Heal.

I also have Train of Thought. I probably do cast Greater Heal at least 9 times during a boss fight (but less than 18), so ToT saves me 5.5K mana if I use IF-GHeal. The extra crit chance is nice but it's equivalent to getting an instant Heal cast if it crits.

Along with SoS, I'd prefer using Heal over GHeal. ToT reduces the pain of using GHeal over Heal, but it isn't any reason to use GHeal by itself when the situation doesn't call for it.
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85 Worgen Priest
I am Disc and I use heal all the time. I really don't see a problem with it, It gives a 5k absorb ( Depending sometimes higher) It has 13ks for me, and I spam it on the tank. Rarely do I use it on dps though.
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90 Night Elf Priest
I understand that Asha. However, why not use smite to smart heal instead of just Heal?

Its faster, gives stacks of evan and doesnt hurt grace. Sure, if you are specced for SoS use heal to reduce WS but I find WS to actually be a buff as it has gains from Renewed Hope and that 10pct crit is a lot to lose.

I just cant seem to find a place for heal. When the tank is sitting at 80pct health I will spam smite rather than heal especially since I am not specced for SoS and I am specced for ToT. ToT is a life saver since I can double dip with it. It has gains from both Gheal and Penance cool downs.

I suppose Smite + Gheal is a better over all combo to play OFF OF than heal + shield for me. I simply gain too much from ToT during the instance run. 2 smites and penance is ready to use again. That is a lot of healing power/mana.

I am not going to say anyone who uses Heal is wtfnoobbad or anything. I simply believe the play style of smite + gheal with ToT outweighs anything heal can provide. Surge procs off of Smite as well. Smite has gains from ToT/SoL/Atonement. Heal has gains from Empowered Healing/SoS/SoL as far as disc goes.

Maybe I just like my wings too much and since they increased the time on Evan to 20 seconds I find it much more enjoyable than heal ever was.
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