85 Troll Shaman
I can only speak for shamans at 85 though I have healed as every class at 80. I think the three heal system as sucked the uniqueness out of healing classes. I am not trying to complain about mana, but with the limitations of mana a lot of the class specific heals for shamans have become useless. I understand and even enjoy resource management and am glad to see it back. In implimenting it the healing classes have become very similar and I think other than totems healing as a shaman feels like healing as every other class if they did not have their unique skills. I used to love healing on my shaman and now every time a run a heroic it feels like something is missing, that I would rather be on a pally, druid or priest. I think resto shaman needs to reclaim some of its old character to make it more enjoyable.

I think that the mastery could be different. All the other healers have masters that are less conditional. If people are at low health our mastery is amazing, but if people arent at low health our mastery does nothing. All the other classes have much more interesting masteries.

I think unleash earthliving should apply earthliving 100% of the time. For some reason I just assumed that was how it was going to work and was stunned that it doesnt.

I miss chain heal. I know it needed to be nerfed for things to work the way you want, but it was a very fun spell and it would be nice for it to be usable in some way again. Maybe more mana efficient with a CD.

I really don't know if any of those ideas are good I just feel like shamans have lost their uniqueness and I would love to see their spirit returned. As a last note I am not saying that shamans are not effective healers or that they need to be buffed, but rather that their mechanics have become dull.
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85 Troll Shaman
I use riptide every time its up, as well as UE. If chainheal is what you miss about Shamans, then all I have to say is too bad. Its still pretty useful for when everyone is injured, just dont go expecting to pull miracles with it like in Wrarth (CH spam).
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