Spirit trinket?

Is it worth it, I picked up Rainsong yesterday (+215 spirit) and right now I have to int trinkets (+194 int and the other +234 int) My question is with the new changes to mana, is it better to have the extra 5k mana or would the extra mana regen from the sprite be good?

int right now is 3917 if I drop the lesser of the 2 trinkets it will be 3701

sprite right now is 2056 and with the trinket it will be around 2271.
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85 Troll Shaman
Do you have mana issues? If yes, the spirit trinket is for you.
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85 Worgen Priest
It's situational. If it's a more AoE heavy fight, you probably want the spirit as most AoE heals or spamming HoTs is pretty painful and you need the regen more than the throughput. If it's a more tank heavy fight, you probably want the int. Keep both in your bags and equip them based on the situation.

ETA: And I say this rather than going, "ONLY SPIRIT RIGHT NOW" because you're already at over 2k spirit which is pretty decent for most fights.
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No, it's not. Int is much better than spirit as a regen stat, especially for druids because of the Innervate mechanic. You very much want to keep your Int trinkets.
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Thanks both, astraala I think that is great advice,

and totelements, I have mana issues IF they don't CC or take unneeded damage, if there is CC and they are smart about not taking damage I finish fights with almost 70% mana, if there is no CC and/or they take damage that they did not need to take, I oom before the end of the fight. amazing how the dps can have such a major affect on how much mana I have at the end of a fight!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Is there a post around here that math's out how well int performs for regen vs spi or is it too situational to model like that?

I wrote a program to calculate it for paladins and priests earlier. The relative value of spirit and int for regeneration purposes depends on how much int and spirit you have in the first place, plus whether replenishment is available, and on the length of the fight.

Spirit tends to win out in long fights (and by a significant margin eventually), Intellect tends to win in short fights (up to perhaps a couple of minutes).

Mostly, however, it's nothing that I would particularly worry about. There are only so many int vs. spirit tradeoffs you can make (primarily gems and trinkets) that it's unlikely to be a difference maker in all but the rarest of events.
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I would run with the Spirit trinket. Higher Mana Pool is indeed more mana back when you innervate (3 minute cooldown) and the Rejuv 2% mana back function, aswell as Replenishment. However, a % of Mana is a % of Mana, if you have 50% mana and You use Innervate, you will get back to 70% Mana. Doesn't matter how much Mana you have in total, Innervate is never going to give you back more than 20% of it.

I believe Spirit is better for Regen, because Spirit is *always* giving you back Mana. Not once every few minutes. In Wrath, BC and vanilla, i stacked Spirit to the exclusion of all else. my Mp5 was 1k before ICC. When ICC came around, i started to go for more Haste/Intel, but overall went for as much spirit as possible.

Remember, A larger Mana Pool will let you cast more often before going OOM, However Spirit will increase your longevity by returning a rather exact amount of Mana over every 5 seconds. Mixing Spirit with Intel would be my first choice.
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90 Tauren Priest
That rainsong thing is pretty bad.
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85 Human Paladin
Spirit is the regen stat for all healers. If you have mana troubles, you need spirit. INT does not scale for mana regen like it used to. INT is for increasing output with the added bonus of a little more mana at this point.

If you are ooming, you need spirit.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
So if int is even remotely comparable for regen in most 5 man content (where fights dont last more than a couple minutes) then the extra throughput it brings should make it clearly superior for those trinket/gem choices... or am I misinterpreting this?

I think it's going to be pretty much a wash. I think I'd lean slightly towards the int trinket, but it's not going to make a difference in 99.9% of all cases.
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85 Tauren Druid
Int is superior to Spirit for druid regen.

It also adds spellpower and crit.

The decision is quite easy to make.
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