Average healing amounts taken from tooltips, ave iLvL 333. Alot of assumptions were made; no over-healing, shields being fully consumed, ect. Not taking into account +% healing from spells such as Divine Hymm, Guardian Spirit, Chakra: Sanctuary or the Test of Faith talent. I decided to include number of targets for AoE heals so you could see how their efficiency tapers off when theres no one to absorb the heal. I find it very interesting that you're better off using Prayer of Healing on two targets than you are Flash Healing one at a time. Not that Flash doesnt have a purpose, it's HPS cannot be ignored.

Also thats not a typo on Lightwell, it really is that good. Those numbers also represent you dropping it in the middle of a fight. Drop it before the pull and get your mana back. Thats 168k+ free health for your team assuming they use it. I recommend making a /s Click the well! macro to remind them during the fight. Let them know the click range is huge now as well.

Prayer of Mending is also very efficient assuming all 5 charges are consumed. I've gotten out of the habit of tossing at the tank before every pull. Only using it when I know the whole group will be taking steady damage.