My problem with Holy Priest.

89 Undead Priest
So basically, i'm not enjoying it.

For starters, heal is not enough to keep a tank alive. Even with renew ticking and Holy Word used on every cooldown. Its simply too weak. Yet, its my only option. Everything else will OOM me half way through a fight. If anything goes wrong in a fight, and i absolutely have to flash heal someone a couple times, i will go OOM. How is this "Picking and choosing spells"? I can't break out of my set, predefined chakra rotation.

It seems like you have designed Chakra to lock you in. Using the spells not buffed by your current Chakra buff, is basically throwing mana away that we really can't spare.

I would like to see: a more flexible Chakra design, maybe remove the spell altogether and have it change after every cast of Heal/PoM/PoH? - This would be alot more fun, and alot more flexible for situations where you need to change Chakra.

Also, heal needs to be scaled higher. Doing under 10% of my tanks health with a 2.2 second cast is just crazy. It doesn't need to be buffed alot, i like the concept, but jesus, its not enough.

Footnote: To all the trolls/flamers, this rant comes from my experience in heroics. I may be bad in some peoples books, but if thats the case, isnt Blizzard alienating 90% of their user base?
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85 Goblin Priest
All I want is an increase of the power of all heals, for every class, across the board.

I'll accept how much spells cost now. I'll accept how triage is important now. I just want to feel like my spells can actually make any kind of dent.

I can't play 'triage' if I can't keep the tank steady long enough to give one of the dps a heal once in a while, Blizz.
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89 Undead Priest
I forgot to mention Archangel. Awesome talent that is fun to use, but because we are literally casting heal ALL the time.. i never have a chance to smite and use it.

Buff heal. Just a little bit. Please.
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