To everyone crying about how hard healing is.

100 Pandaren Shaman
If you seriously can not handle it just cancel your account / level an alt or do whatever for a month or two.

By then most people will have learned the boss fights, and people will be in full heroic / entry level raid gear.

OR wait until patch 4.1 when the current raid gear becomes available for justice points......... then everyone will massively out gear heroics and it will go back to being super easy like wrath was.
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100 Human Priest
Healing isn't hard. But it's pretty boring watching slow cast heals that heal for so little of a player's health.
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So yeah, healers take a hike, everyone else keep playing the way you're used to.

c wut u did thar?
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I like healing regardless if it's boring or not--it's healing, it's my niche, if there's anything I was born to do it's heal. Some people like keeping a boss's attention. Some people like making green bars red. I like making red bars green. I don't care how I have to do it. (But I really do enjoy chakra)

I'd appreciate if the whiners stopped queuing and making the adaptable ones look bad.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
Seriously as a shaman you should understand the gripe here, I dont care what gear you have on, the healing is wack at this point, even with a 70k mana pool I oom on regular 5 man boss fights and I would really like to know some constructive critiscsm if anyone has figured out a way to heal with Shammies that dosent overly consume mana. The mana consumption rate at this point is terrible and just looking at this forum I see it is all classes just about. I use telluric currents and focus insight as often as possible but 2-3 healing surges which are healing for dodo and 2 greaters and im below 50% sounds like a problem to me. I mean really I ask how much should you have to dps as a healer to regain mana????? because 2-3 lighting bolts dosent do crap. I love the difficulty of the dungeons, and it isnt way off, but a tweak to either the mana cost or the healing power would be beneficial, dont go overboard just make it right.
ADD: Tanks and dps this is no longer WoTChainPulls, slow your roll use some cc , learn to watch your healers mana , dont pull the next group when your healer is at 25% mana, this is gonna take a huge adjustment to all the baddies that joined post BC and to all those that forgot about pre WoTLK I mean ChainPulls :)~.
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85 Night Elf Druid
I agree with this. I haven't bothered to level any of my healers (I have 3 at 80) because I don't want to deal with people trying to play wrath in cata. Once everyone has had a few weeks to get used to the idea that healing has changed and that the healers they vote kicked for the first few weeks were actually decent I might get back into it. In the meantime I am enjoying the redone content on my brand new worgen rogue and not %#*#*ing about how much healing sucks.
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85 Troll Shaman
The amount of healing done vs. the cost of the heal is grossly out of proportion.

My big/slow heal is only healing for 14k when the tank has 100k health? And I can only do around a dozen of those before I risk going OOM (it might be more casts, as I haven't actually counted). It's hard to keep up with the damage on the tank, let alone the DPS. Although I have found healing rain making healing much easier, but it drains mana like a fiend.
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90 Orc Shaman
Gone are the days of 40%->100% in one heal and no mana. May its stay dead.
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100 Human Mage
my priest isnt 85 yet

but im bothered that compared to a lvl 85 priest, they pay 4 times the mana and only do 10-15% more healing

THAT I think is where most the ire is coming from
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85 Dwarf Paladin
OMG thank you. does anyone else agree that crowd control was completely wiped out in wotlk? i remember that you didn't have much of a chance running a dungeon in BC / pre-BC without at least one cc in your group
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